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5 Things I’m Doing During COVID-19 with Jim Kwik

What are 5 tangible things you can do during COVID-19?

When thinking about how to look at self-isolation and social distancing in a positive light, the butterfly came to mind. The butterfly is a powerful symbol of change but more importantly, for self-transformation. They begin as a caterpillar and embark on an incredible journey, where through the process of metamorphosis, they transform into a butterfly. It’s a powerful metaphor, speaking to our own ability to move through our life cycles.

Right now, we’re all in a metaphorical cocoon, safe and secure in our four walls. And within our cocoon, we face our own struggles. We know that through struggle comes strength and with challenge comes change. So while we’re in this cocoon of our home, instead of feeding our fear, our doubts, our regrets, our loneliness, we have the opportunity to identify the thoughts that no longer serve us. Because the same level of thinking that got us where we are isn’t going to get us where we need to go.

To help with this transformation, I want to give you the FIVE things I’m doing while staying at home. 

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