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Amplify Your Learning Skills Through Sounds & Music with Jim Kwik

How does sound impact your body and brain?

If you’re like most people, when you think of calming sounds, you think of music. The link between music and the powerful effect it has on your body, mind, and soul has been recognized since the dawn of time. But it isn’t the only thing you hear on a daily basis. And those sounds can have a powerful impact on not only how you feel, but how you perform.

I’m excited to go on a deep dive into this topic with you today. There have been numerous studies expanding what we know about sound and the brain—some that might surprise you.
Taking control of what is in your auditory environment can shape your cognitive performance and emotional well-being. It can calm your autonomic nervous system, improve your ability to focus and concentrate, and even change your brain wave patterns. Listen in as I go over ways you can amplify how you learn by tuning in to different auditory experiences.

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