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How to Have Mental Longevity with Jim Kwik

The traditional story about aging is that as we age, we slow down, become trapped in our habits, and forget to play. The good news is that we can avoid this, and we can all learn to use our brains to change our age. Who doesn’t want to live longer? And not only longer, but better? 

I’ve talked before on the podcast about the study of nuns published by Time magazine—all of them were living youthfully despite being aged 90 and above—and the secrets to their longevity were their gratitude, faith and their dedication to lifelong learning. They were lifelong learners—just like you and me!

In today’s episode, I’ll remind you to schedule time to build your mental fitness, speak about the power of imagination to literally change the way you age, and the importance of retaining playfulness in your life as you grow older. I’ll take you through the 10 steps to healthy aging, and ask you to consider your progress on each step. 

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