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How To Use Physical Activity For Better Focus with Jim Kwik

Can physical exercise boost your brain power and focus?

You’ve heard me say, as your body moves, the brain grooves. That’s because the primary reason you have a brain is to control the movement in your body. And as you move, your brain creates brain-derived neurotropic factors, which is like fertilizer for the brain.

Today, I want to welcome you to do this Kwik challenge with me. I believe that when you challenge yourself in one area, you learn how to challenge yourself in other areas of your life. That’s how you build strength and mental resilience.

You can make real change in your life simply by challenging yourself to do brand new things. It adds novelty to your life, which creates new brain connections and stimulates neural growth. Listen in, as I talk about some physical exercises you can do to boost your brain power and level up your focus.

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