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Neuroscience Secrets to Happiness with Dr. Daniel Amen

Can understanding your brain type unlock the secret to happiness?

When it comes to brain health, happiness is a profoundly important topic. But what exactly is happiness? And what does your brain type have to do with finding it?

To dive deeper into this topic, we’re thrilled to have Dr. Daniel Amen back on our show. Dr. Amen is a physician, double-board certified psychiatrist, and founder of Amen Clinics and BrainMD. He’s a twelve-time New York Time bestselling author, and he’s here to talk about his latest book,You, Happier: The 7 Neuroscience Secrets of Feeling Good Based on Your Brain Type.

These past few years have been difficult for many people. Lack of trust, anger, and fear have led to a feeling of being disconnected. After conducting over 200,000 brain scans, Dr. Amen discovered that there are five different brain types, and that they respond to happiness differently. Listen in as Dr. Amen explains how you can unlock happiness by using science-based strategies to improve your brain health and state of mind.

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