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Never Forget a Password or Seed Phrase with Jim Kwik

How do you remember your seed phrase for your crypto wallet—or any password—easily and effortlessly?

Have you ever come up with a password, PIN number, or code only to forget it when you need it most? Or maybe you haven’t forgotten it, but you worry that you will. We live in a technological world, where online security is vital in ensuring your personal, professional, and financial information stays safe.

Today, I want to walk you through a memory exercise to help you remember lists in sequential order. When it comes to certain things—like your crypto seed phrase—the specific order is key. This method is designed to help you learn any series of words, events, places, and more.

I believe the two most costly words in life are “I forgot”. Every time you forget something, you lose time, productivity, relationships, and potentially wealth. Even if you don’t have a password or phrase you need to memorize, this exercise is a great way to stretch your memory muscles. Listen in, as I teach you a fun and effective technique to recall twelve random words.

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