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3 Foods that Support Your Vision and Brain with Dr. William Li

William W. Li, MD, is an internationally renowned physician, scientist, and author of the New York Times bestseller Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. His groundbreaking research has led to the development of more than 40 new medical treatments that impact care for more than 70 diseases including diabetes, blindness, heart disease and obesity. His TED Talk, Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?, has garnered more than 11 million views. Dr. Li has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC, Rachael Ray, Live with Kelly & Ryan, and he has been featured in USA Today, Time Magazine, The Atlantic, O Magazine, and more. He is President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation, and he is leading global initiatives on food as medicine. His newest book New York Times bestseller, Eat to Beat Your Diet: Burn Fat, Heal Your Metabolism, and Live Longer, was released March 21, 2023.

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Can the right foods hold the key to unlocking a world of sharper vision, enhanced cognition, and optimal brain health?

Food is medicine. It’s more than simply a catchy phrase; it’s an empowering statement that can change your life. You can use modern knowledge to make daily decisions on what foods to eat that can not only prevent disease, but preserve your vision and cognition as you age.

I’m excited to welcome Dr. William Li as our guest on the show today. Dr. Li is a world-renowned physician and scientist. His research has laid the foundation for over forty new medical treatments and impact care for over seventy diseases. He’s here to talk about his latest book, Eat to Beat Your Diet: Burn Fat, Heal Your Metabolism, and Live Longer.

When it comes to visual and cognitive decline, research shows they’re often tied to the same common causes. That’s why it’s possible to use nutrition as an effective and powerful prevention tool. Listen in as Dr. Li shares how to eat to beat vision loss and cognitive decline with foods that you can begin integrating into your diet today.

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"What protects the eye, also protects the brain."

Dr. William Li

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**This week’s show notes are taken from the video — enjoy!**

  • This is why Dr. Li is so passionate about vision. [4:17]
  • Dr. Li was looking at this as a common denominator of disease. Here’s why this is important. [7:09]
  • What is angiogenesis? Dr. Li explains. [9:36]
  • These are the most common causes of vision loss and why eating to beat vision loss is so effective. [14:31]
  • Not only can diet protect your vision, it can do this. [16:44]
  • This was one of the first studies on vision and what they found. [20:30]
  • One recent study showed that one cup of this food can improve memory and executive functioning. [24:20]
  • These are three things to avoid for better brain and eye health. [28:09]
  • Now that you’ve made room in your diet, add these three powerful foods. [32:38]
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  • If you want to learn more about Dr. Li, visit his website, here.
  • Don’t forget to get your copy of his book, here.
  • If you want to learn more about the studies Dr. Li mentioned, the links are below:
    • Vision loss and supplements, here.
    • Protection against Parkinson’s disease, here.
    • Cognitive protection of strawberries, here.


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