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Beyond Brushing: Optimize Your Oral Health for Brain Performance with Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz (AKA Dr. Dome) is known as the “world’s leading biological dentist” and for being one of the first ceramic implant specialists. He has exclusively used ceramic implants since 2013, placing more than 5000 to date, and is considered a pioneer in the field of biological and holistic dentistry. He’s also the Vice President of the International Society for Metal Free Implantology, whose mission is to help as many people as possible to experience optimum oral health without the use of metal-based treatments.

Dr Dome is an international speaker and author of the bestselling book, It’s All in Your Mouth. His goal is to establish biological dentistry as the new standard for health optimization protocols. As such, he trains traditional dentists in proper biological dentistry practices, and believes that optimal health starts in the mouth. His other passions include functional medicine, holistic nutrition, and competitive sports.


How do you optimize your oral and dental health for greater brain health and performance?

Your mouth is the entrance to your body. It’s where digestion starts, and arguably, is where all body health starts. There is a critical relationship between your mouth, your teeth, your microbiome, and nutrition. And it’s all related to brain health and performance.

I’m excited to welcome Dr. Dominik Nischwitz to our show today. Dr. Dome is a pioneer in the fields of holistic and biological dentistry, and is the Vice President of the International Society of Metal-Free Implantology. He’s also the bestselling author of the book, It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness.

Your dental and oral health are directly related to your overall brain and body health. That’s why it’s important to look at your teeth as an extension of your brain. Listen in as Dr. Dome talks about how your teeth can contribute to myriad health issues, and reveals simple things you can do to improve your overall well-being today.

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"Your teeth are an extension of your brain."

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

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**This week’s show notes are taken from the video — enjoy!**

  • This is how biological dentistry is different from regular dentistry. [3:47]
  • These three health killers could be lurking in your mouth without you knowing. [5:56]
  • Dental health and brain health are interconnected. Here’s how. [6:46]
  • Some fillings can contain this toxic element. Here are some things to consider if you want them removed safely. [8:43]
  • This is the role nutrition plays in your oral and brain health. [12:02]
  • You’ve heard Dr. Dome the terms catabolic and anabolic. Here’s what they mean. [13:43]
  • If you want to learn more about oral health with Dr. Dome, you don’t want to miss this. Learn more, here. [15:21]
  • These are some of the procedures Jim had done. [15:45]
  • Root canals are necessary treatments. But they can also lead to several problems. [16:53]
  • Inflammation in your teeth can have devastating consequences to your overall health. [20:31]
  • Having your wisdom teeth removed is very common. But it can still lead to inflammation and infection. [22:09]
  • This is the role detoxification plays in biological dentistry. [26:02]
  • The teeth are connected to your entire body. This is how one can impact the other. [29:28]
  • These are the supplements Dr. Dome recommends that can help optimize your oral health. [32:35]
  • This nutrient is essential to detoxification. [35:27]
  • Brushing is important, but these are some additional tips to help you elevate your daily oral care. [36:34]
  • Doing this can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and detox your mouth. [40:08]
  • This is how Dr. Dome starts his day. [40:47]
  • 70% of all chronic disease starts here. Look at these three areas to start. [43:50]
  • These are the villains of dentistry. [46:25]
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  • To learn more about Dr. Dome and his practice, visit his website, here.
  • Don’t forget to grab a copy of his book, It’s All in Your Mouth, here.
  • If you want to go on a deep dive with Dr. Dome on this topic, be sure to check out our newest program, here.
  • Here are the links to the studies Dr. Dome mentioned:
    • The link to root canals and depression, here.
    • The Framingham study on osteoporosis & the importance of protein, here.
    • The study on leaky gums, here.

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