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Change Your Life in 5 Minutes: Small Habits that Make Big Impact with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Dr.Chatterjee is regarded as one of the most influential medical doctors in the UK and wants to change how medicine will be practiced for years to come. His mission is to help 100 million people around the globe live better lives. He highlights his methods of being able to simplify complex health advice and find the root cause of people’s health problems on the ground-breaking BBC One television show, Doctor in the House, which has been shown in over 70 countries around the world. He has recently been awarded the title of Professor of Health Communication and Education at The University of Chester.

His podcast, Feel Better, Live More, is the most listened to health podcast in the UK and Europe. It regularly tops the Apple Podcast charts and has 125 million audio downloads to date, with over 8 million people watching and listening every month. Chris Evans calls Feel Better Live More, “One of the best podcasts on the planet.” In addition, Dr. Chatterjee hosts his own Amazon Original daily podcast, Built to Thrive.

Dr. Chatterjee is the number one selling health author in the UK. His latest book, Happy Mind, Happy Life, was an instant Sunday Times Bestseller. He has been featured in numerous international publications, including The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, and Vogue. His TED talk, How to Make Disease Disappear, has been viewed over 5.5 million times.


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Is it possible to feel better in just five minutes?

Does this sound familiar: I want to be healthy, but I just don’t have time. You wouldn’t be too busy to brush your teeth. So, why is your mental and physical health any different? There’s no reason to make healthy habits complicated when all you need is five minutes.

I’m excited to have Dr. Rangan Chatterjee on the show today to dive deep into this topic. Dr. Chatterjee is a practicing physician and star of the popular BBC One series, Doctor in the House. He’s written five bestselling books, including Happy Mind, Happy Life: 10 Simple Ways to Feel Great Every Day and Feel Better in Five: Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life.

When it comes to changing habits, it’s the smallest steps that make the biggest difference. But most people set big goals only to lose motivation quickly. Listen in as Dr. Chatterjee breaks down how to make significant impact in your mental, physical, and brain health in just five minutes a day.

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"Once you realize how much better you can feel with five-minute practices, you naturally start to do more."

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

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**This week’s show notes are taken from the video — enjoy!**

  • Is it realistic to feel better in five minutes? Listen to Dr. Chatterjee explain. [1:59]
  • These are the two rules of behavior change. [4:53]
  • It’s common to overly rely on motivation to prompt us into change. But this is more effective. [7:27]
  • If you want to do a new behavior when your motivation is both high and low, do this. [8:50]
  • When you want to create a new behavior, you have to think about this—or it won’t last. [9:13]
  • Make sure you set this up to help you succeed every day. [11:35]
  • Even though you may know this is critical for better brain health, do you do it every day? [13:05]
  • It’s very difficult to make major changes in your life without huge catalysts. That’s why this is so important. [14:22]
  • Business and technology use these principles to affect your behavior every day. [16:04]
  • You don’t want to only do this. Just make it your non-negotiable daily habit. [19:01]
  • This is Dr. Chatterjee’s framework for a five-minute routine. [20:47]
  • This is the first M. [21:10]
  • If you’re looking for a place to start, try this exercise. [22:30]
  • These are the second and third M’s. [23:05]
  • You can personalize the 3M practice to fit your lifestyle and routine. [24:30]
  • Take a screenshot, tag us (@jimkwik & @drchatterjee), and tell us what behavior you want to change in your life and how you’re going to make it stick.
  • Be sure to grab a copy of Feel Better in Five, here.
  • For more information on Dr. Chatterjee, including access to his podcast, newsletter, and all his books, visit his website, here.



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