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From Chaos to Control: How to Organize Your Day for Maximum Results

My name is Jim Kwik, the founder of Kwik Brain Universe, author of the best-selling book LIMITLESS and host of the #1 brain performance podcast, Kwik Brain. I am a world leading expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. After a childhood brain injury left me learning-challenged, I made it my life’s mission to create strategies to dramatically enhance mental performance. Once I was able to turn my own learning challenges around, I dedicated my life to helping people like you unleash your true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

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How do you organize your day to get the most out of it?

Our community is made up of people all over the world. And while not everyone has the same education, income, or networking connections, the one thing we all have equally is time. Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in the day, but it’s up to you how to utilize them to your advantage.

On today’s episode, I want to share my very simple framework on how I chunk down my day for maximum results. I don’t mean for you to follow it rigorously. Instead, my goal is to help you learn the principles so you can get the most out of every twenty-four hour period—and still get enough sleep.

When you break your day down into manageable chunks, you reduce cognitive fatigue by strategically targeting your focus. This helps you improve your productivity and performance, which ultimately leads to increased profitability and peace of mind. If you’re looking for a framework to help manage your time and maximize your day, this episode is for you.

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"Once you understand the process and principles around time-chunking, you can apply and customize it around your own life."

Jim Kwik

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  • Organize your day into these three C’s to decrease cognitive fatigue, increase your energy, and get more done. [2:05]
  • In this first segment, you’re not looking for this. Do this instead. [3:11]
  • Next, change to these types of tasks to maximize your productivity. [5:28]
  • Finally, you want to end your day doing these tasks. [6:03]
  • It’s impossible to get your mind to stop thinking. But this can help. [8:09]
  • Make sure you include this bonus C throughout the day and add it to each chunk to make them more impactful. [9:00]
  • Your brain isn’t meant to work all the time. That’s why this is so important. [10:06]
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