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How to Protect Your Brain from Air Pollution with Peter Spiegel

After graduating from high school, Peter Spiegel became immersed in a quest to understand his life’s purpose and how to achieve permanent happiness. He lived and worked on an organic farm in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Seeking to improve himself, he studied and taught meditation. He learned Chinese medicine with world-renowned doctors in London and lectured on alternative medicine in New York City. He then rolled all of his experiences, plus coursework in anatomy and physiology, into a degree in Human Development from the State University of New York. After graduation, Peter bootstrapped a small natural foods company into a successful business, which he sold in 1989.

Peter then became a pioneer in the emerging television direct to consumer marketing channel, coupling mass communication with first-of-their-kind product innovations providing real solutions to real problems. His innovations were sought out and sold at big box stores like Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Costco, making them accessible to everyone. In 2007, Peter bought out his business partners and committed to dedicate his product innovation, marketing skills, and all the resources of his company to improve the health and quality of life of his customers. On that principle, he and his life partner, Katie Williams, founded Ideal Living, an ethical and socially responsible company with the mission to ensure everyone has access to pure air and water, as well as a solid foundation for wellness.

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Is the air you breathe affecting your brain?

If you’re familiar with the ten keys to a healthy brain, you know that one of the keys is clean environment. Part of that environment is the quality of the air you breathe. You can go weeks without eating, days without water, but you can only go minutes without breathing. Clean air is essential to not just your overall health, but your quality of life.

I’m excited to welcome Peter Spiegel to the show today. Peter is the founder and CEO of Ideal Living, a wellness company democratizing quality. His life’s purpose has been to enhance the lives of others and help them thrive. By sharing science-backed products, he seeks to ensure everyone has access to clean air and pure water.

You want your home to be a sanctuary, but according to the EPA, indoor air can be anywhere from 5 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Things like perfume, candles, and mold can harm your overall quality of life as the most dangerous particles to the human brain are very, very small. If you want to learn how to manage indoor air quality for your overall well-being, this episode is for you.

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"The link between air quality and brain health is very well established."

Peter Spiegel

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**This week’s show notes are taken from the video — enjoy!**

  • This is why the EPA says air quality can be worse indoors versus outdoors. [4:10]
  • Candles are essentially burning this inside your home. [6:13]
  • If you’re looking for new products for your home, look for these qualities. [7:21]
  • This naturally occurring growth can have major negative health risks. [8:19]
  • There is a lot of science on the impact of air pollution on this. [10:36]
  • A joint study between UCLA and USC found air quality increases this risk in children. [11:24]
  • These are some of the pollutants that happen near busy roads that can negatively impact cognition. [12:47]
  • There are two types of contaminants that Peter is most concerned about. [14:25]
  • Here are some ways you can prevent the harmful effects of air pollution. [17:39]
  • No matter what preventive measures you choose, this is the goal. [19:27]
  • These are some extra precautions you can take when looking at air purifiers. [22:43]
  • You probably have this in your home. Here’s how to make sure it works best for you. [26:20]
  • This study emphasizes the impact of clean air on cognitive health. [29:22]
  • When thinking about your work environments, this is another factor to consider with air quality. [30:49]
  • This is about more than simply clean air for Peter. It’s personal. [34:17]
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