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“Goals Done RIGHT” with Olympian Dr. Jeff Spencer

How can you apply your mind to a goal? How do you achieve a goal? How do you know if it’s the right goal? Dr. Jeff Spencer is an Olympian and a coach to Olympic gold medalists and rock stars. According to Dr. Spencer, the most important priority is goal clarity. You can’t hit a target you can’t see. You also want to expose your goal to a set of criteria that challenges the goal against your assumptions so there are no illusions about what you’re pursuing. You want to develop gocus.

Gocus is a type of honed hyperfocus. It’s the ability to focus on the tasks in front of you that you need to achieve your goals. When you have gocus, you are able to see 280 degrees around you. By accessing that space, you are better able to see revelations and options, and slight nuances and corrections in your course.

This awareness lets you stay in the game, make good choices, and move forward predictably and consistently.

More important than setting SMART goals is setting the RIGHT Goal. One of the reasons we’re overloaded is because we are doing too much. You want a goal your mind, body, and soul can believe in.

"It takes every ounce of courage that you have to go against the grain of what your fear-based instincts tell you."

Dr. Jeff Spencer

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The RIGHT Goal

R stands for Relevant

  • Is your goal relevant now in your life value and purpose? Is it right for the contribution you’re making?
  • Does it call you to the highest value? Does it have enough intellect for your mind to buy into?
  • Does it allow you to make the contribution your soul needs to resonate with the goal?

I stands for Indicators

  • The RIGHT goal should have clear indicators of progress.
  • Your mind, body, and soul hate ambiguity. They love targets they can commit to.
  • If you put a target out there, they’ll go after it ferociously and support you.
  • Dr. Spencer had clear targets when becoming an Olympian, going step-by-step from local competitions to the Olympic trials.

G stands for Gravity

  • You should have an attraction towards the goal, and the goal should have an attraction towards you.
  • It’s as if you chose each other in a match destined to create something of significance.

H stands for Height

  • Is there a certain altitude that is significant for you that awakens you to something that matches your capacity?
  • If the goal is too low, your brain will reject it, your body will be insulted, and your soul won’t buy into it.
  • There must be an altitude of significance that resonates with you.
  • You should feel almost a compulsion to pursue this goal.

T stands for Time

There are 3 types of time:
  1.  Is this the right time to pursue it?
  2. It could be the right goal at the wrong time.
  3. There should be an internal green light, with no resistance, ambivalence, or guessing.
  4. Do I have enough time to do this?
  5. Be responsible about this!
  6. Don’t start a goal and then stall prematurely.
  7. Is the timeline from inception to completion in line with my personal circumstances? Assess your goal against reality and its impact.

The Power of the RIGHT Goal

  • If you select the RIGHT goal, you’ll have the gocus necessary to be able to move forward with confidence and certainty.
  • Dr. Spencer had a client who had several goals he could pursue. After running these goals through the RIGHT process multiple times, the client narrowed down his goals into one.
  • This goal allowed him to achieve stratospheric levels of personal achievement.

Find Your RIGHT Goal

  • To define your goal, you must be able to determine: Is it RIGHT? Do my mind, body, AND soul buy into this?
  • With the RIGHT process, you can become someone who consistently and confidently achieves the goals that mean the most to you.
  • What’s your RIGHT goal?
  • Go through this process and discover what goal is RIGHT for you!
  • Post your goal on social media and tag me @jimkwik and Dr. Jeff Spencer so we can review it with you.

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