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4 Superpowers I Learned from Stan Lee

In today’s podcast, I’ll explain some of the lessons I learned from Stan, and take you through four of Stan’s favorite modern day brain superpowers to help you discover and develop your own so you can make a difference in the world.

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  • One person can make a difference.
  • Discovering and developing your superpowers so you can make a difference.
  • Just having a superpower doesn’t make you a superhero—have to use it to save the day.
  • How do you want to be remembered?


  • With great power comes great responsibility!
  • Responsibility to wield it in service.
  • With great responsibility comes great power: the ability to makes things right.
  • When we take responsibility for what we focus on, what things mean, owning actions mistakes, and being accountable, we find great power.
  • You are responsible for what you do and the results you get from it.


  • Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.
  • Ability to create: taking the invisible and making it visible.
  • Unlocking the power of creativity and imagination: everything you see is the result of somebody’s imagination.
  • Everything begins in the mind: have a vision, set a standard and create the world the way you want it to be.
  • Wayne Dyer: “it’s not you’ll believe it when you see it, it’s you’ll see it when you believe it”.


  • We grow older because we stop playing.
  • If you want to be a fast learner, take a lesson from children—they play all the time and are quick learners.
  • Age of mind and heart, not chronological age.
  • Stan was an incredibly young person: making jokes, going to events, making playful cameos, telling stories, always learning and playing.


  • Not just you searching for your passion—your passion might also be looking for you.
  • Having a passion will relate to and determine your mindset.
  • Stan was passionate about storytelling, creativity, learning, his wife and unity: mutual love and respect.
  • To find your passion, novelty can help along the way to keep things light and interesting: Stan kept a lot of interesting things in his office to stimulate his creativity.


  • Stan used his passion for storytelling to make a difference.
  • Stan said having the ability to be lucky would be the ultimate superpower.
  • Hate is the supervillain, ability to spread love, unity, and hope as Stan did is the ultimate superpower—which the world really needs right now.
  • Used his characters (his passion) for his purpose (spreading positive messages).
  • School of the gifted with Professor X: the power of the mind along with challenges.
  • How can you use your passion to find your purpose to light up the world?
  • You can become a superhero when you use your powers for good.
  • Stan Lee Foundation: to bring entertainment into the classroom.
  • Remember: the lives that we lead are the lessons we teach.

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