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My Top 10 Takeaways from Kwik Brain Episodes

Kwik Brains, we did it! Our 100th episode of the Kwik Brain podcast!

As you know, this show began with our mission of building better and brighter brains. I designed the Kwik Brain podcast to be not so much an interview podcast, but more of a masterclass—we design every conversation to be a how-to guide and a call to action for you to keep working towards a happier brain.

Everyone in the Kwik Brain community is on the same journey together—a quest to reach our full potential, then express it and share it with the world—and the podcast is designed as a mobile academy to help you unlock this potential. Our brain controls everything we do, yet few of us have been taught how to help our brains grow! Think of the podcast as an owner’s manual for your brain—it’s meant to help you upgrade your brain, learn anything faster, and become limitless!

If you haven’t listened to every episode, then I highly recommend you check them out—there are real gems in all of them. The treasure you are seeking is probably hiding in the episode you skipped! If you’ve listened to the episodes already, make sure you let the information really sink in! Focus on becoming great at the fundamentals. One thing that robs you of mastery and transformation is saying: I know this already.

In today’s episode, I’ll be taking you through 10 highlights of our Kwik Brain journey, with a brief summary of each. Be sure to check out or revisit each episode along the way!

"You have genius inside you, you have greatness inside you, and today would be a great day to let it out."

Jim Kwik

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HIGHLIGHT 1: Creating New Habits with BJ Fogg (Episodes 15 & 17)

  • We did 2 episodes with BJ Fogg, about starting and stopping new habits: why is it difficult to create a new habit? Why is difficult to break an old habit?
  • First, you create your habits, then your habits create you.
  • Explained the B=MAT formula for habit change.
  • B=behaviour, the behavior you want, or have.
  • M=motivation: we’re more likely to stay on a course if we’re motivated to do so. To assess our motivation we can rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. Then ask yourself: what do I need to do to increase this motivation? Would an incentive help?
  • A= ability: your training and competence in the behavior, having the ability helps to implement the desired behavior.
  • T=trigger: this is a very practical step, a prompt that gets you to do the behavior. To eliminate a behavior, you can take the trigger out of your home. To start a behavior, you can add a trigger e.g. if you want to work out, keep running shoes where you can see them.
  • Episode 15: How To Create New Habits Fast with Dr. Fogg
  • Episode 17: Breaking Bad Habits That Hold You Back with BJ Fogg

HIGHLIGHT 2: Sleeping Smarter with Shawn Stevenson (Episode 25)

HIGHLIGHT 3: Goals Done Right with Dr. Jeff Spencer (Episode 29)

HIGHLIGHT 4: How To Supercharge Your Brain & Your Life with Brendon Burchard (Episodes 35, 36, 37)

HIGHLIGHT 5: Eliminate Stress & Make Anxiety Disappear with Nick Ortner (Episode 38)

HIGHLIGHT 6: The Best Time To Do Anything with Dr. Michael Breus (Episode 43)

  • This episode is all about chronotypes and Dr. Breus’ work assessing the different ‘time types’ in our bodies (e.g. night owls and early birds), and the effect this has on hormone production and ideal times for us to do certain activities
  • By learning more about chronotypes we can learn what times will help us to get the best returns from what we do (e.g. sleeping, reading, answering emails, eating) based on our individual body type!
  • Episode 43: The Best Time To Study & Learn with Dr. Michael Breus

HIGHLIGHT 7: How To Fix A Broken Brain with Dr. Mark Hyman (Episodes 51 & 52)

  • We get a lot of questions from listeners identifying with Jim’s earlier struggles, so we brought in Dr. Mark Hyman to address fixing a broken brain
  • We discussed things to add and things to take away to help your brain e.g. the power of food and removing the toxins from your brain and body
  • We provided some practical advice to get you started e.g. eating broccoli, saunas, charcoal
  • Episode 51: Fix A Broken Brain with Dr. Hyman (Part 1)
  • Episode 52: Fix A Broken Brain with Dr. Hyman (Part 2)

HIGHLIGHT 8: Creating Smart Learning Organizations & Teams with Vishen Lakhiani (Episode 55)

  • This was a popular episode because many of you wanted to help people in your life utilize their potential and find their passions so they feel lit up when they’re working
  • Vishen presented a framework to help people find their drive
  • 1) Experience goals: what experiences do your team want to be able to enjoy?
  • 2) Growth goals: who do they have to become to be able to have those experiences?
  • 3) Impact or contribution goals: what impacts goals do they have? When they’re growing, they have more to give!
  • Remember you learn to earn to return. Or, this can be phrased as be, do, have, share: once you are a certain thing, you can do the behaviors, have the results, and then finally share the results with other people
  • We talked about the power of growth, giving, grit, and gratitude
  • If you have a team or you would like to get passionate about learning and growing, this is the episode for you!
  • Episode 55: Create Smart Learning Organizations & Teams

HIGHLIGHT 9: Imagination for Courage, Creativity & Change with Beth Comstock (Episode 79)

  • This episode was all about using imagination at work and in your everyday life
  • We discussed failure, the power of mistakes, how to be willing to make mistakes and how to have the courage to express ideas
  • As Beth said: “If failure is not an option, then neither is success.”
  • Reframe failure, when a child falls they don’t give up and say: I’m not going to walk anymore”, but as adults, we can develop learned helplessness
  • If you want to apply imagination to make changes in your life, your career, or you want to work towards having greater courage and creativity, this is the episode for you!
  • Episode 79: Imagination for Courage, Creativity & Change with Beth Comstock


  • Check out the episodes that you feel pulled towards, that inspire you the most!
  • One thing all these experts would agree on is that knowledge is not power, it only becomes power when you utilize it.
  • Whether it’s podcasts, speed reading or online programs: none of it works unless you work!
  • To help you with inspiration and motivation to take on new challenges and change your habits, in coming weeks we’re going to be doing something special with a new Kwik Challenge! Go to kwikchallenge.com to get all the details!

Thank you for making this podcast so successful! Every time you listen, share, subscribe and leave a review, it gives our team joy—we know what’s in this podcast and we know what is in you! Your life is like an egg: if it’s broken by an outside force life ends, if it’s broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things begin on the inside! You have genius inside you, you have greatness inside you, and today would be a great day to let it out!


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