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Kwik Challenge – Stay Hydrated

In this episode, I’ll be explaining how today’s challenge will help you to build a happier and brighter brain.

The Kwik Challenge is for people who want to create positive change in their lives—to take the knowledge and turn it into power. Change doesn’t have to be difficult. All habit change starts with simple tiny steps, and before you know it you’ll be heading toward a new destination—the little things will add up to something much bigger!

By doing this challenge, you will:

  • Boost memory
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Achieve more in other parts of your life
  • Relieve stress
  • And more!

Your ninth challenge is simple—hydrate!

"The point of this challenge is to become a master of your own behaviors and habits."


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Drink water!

  • Each day, ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking more water


  1. It helps your concentration and focus
  2. It helps to balance out mood and emotions
  3. It helps memory functioning
  4. It helps add more blood flow and oxygen to the brain
  5. It helps you to relieve or prevent headaches
  6. It helps you to relieve or manage stress better 


  • When you sleep you can lose up to a pound of water overnight
  • Take 5-minute brain breaks during your day: stop and take a deep breath, move, and hydrate
  • How much water you need depends on your body mass, your environment, activity levels
  • Ensure the quality of your water is sufficient: be wary of BPA bottles
  • Jim sets up 8 water bottles and tries to get through them each day



Take a photo or video of your efforts to stay hydrated, or take a screenshot of this episode, and post it to social media to share your progress with us!Join in with our One Book A Week Club: #1bookaweekUse the hashtag #kwikchallenge and tag us on social media: @jimkwik | @kwikbrain 


  • Keep trying this challenge each day—it will train your ability to create new habits!
  • This is essential to building a different life—first your create your habits and then your habits create you!
  • If you’re able to create one new habit, what else will you be able to do? Possibilities will open up because you’ll be in the habit of creating empowering habits.
  • Remember: the treasure you seek is found in the task you’re avoiding!
  • Big change comes from little changes: consistency compounds—it might feel like a gradual shift, but you’ll soon find yourself in a different destination (we call it a destiny).
  • Don’t forget to go to kwikchallenge.com and join us!

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