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5 Minute Brain-Friendly Snacks with Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray is a #1 Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Health Coach, and natural food chef. Born in Australia, she is now based in NYC and is always traveling, teaching, speaking and doing book-signing events. She works once a week as the Health & Nutrition Coach at Complete Wellness NYC.


"I get people to ask themselves: What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to food?"


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  • 10 years of cancer free after ending up in the hospital with a tumor
  • For years ate a terrible diet full of processed foods (e.g. gummy bears, pizza)
  • Had a feeling that her diet caused the tumor that blocked her lymphatic system
  • If our biology is off-tilt, we won’t get the results from learning


  • This recipe helped Liana while healing and helped her to avoid craving
  • Chocolate: cacao powder is a functional food that can be eaten every day as part of a healthy diet
  • Cacao helps release blood flow to the brain: what is good for your mood tends to be good for your health too
  • Cacao contains magnesium, which is good for women especially
  • Liana uses cacao to help when she is working late
  • Book mentioned: Cancer Free with Food


  • Tigernuts have the same amount of protein as red meat, high in potassium
  • 3 ingredients: tigernut flour, cacao powder, sweetener (e.g. monk fruit, stevia, honey)
  • Roll mixture into balls or pat it into a square shape
  • No-bake, but you can bake it for a little while if you wish
  • You can add other ingredients if you want for functional nutrition e.g. sea salt, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, sunflower seed butter


  • Best way to change habits is to take one small step at a time until it adds up
  • Change one food in your diet at a time
  • Liana gets people to ask themselves: What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to food? What is the food that’s holding you back with your health—is it bread, gluten, meat, chocolate?
  • Brain break habits: hydrating, moving, deep breathing, brain-friendly snacks
  • What you eat matters, especially to your gray matter


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