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3 Kwik Tips on Neuro-Nutrition

Nutrition is key to keeping our mind sharp and optimizing our brain function—so in today’s episode, we’ve put together neuronutrition tips from 3 of our favorite nutrition experts.

We have Dr. Mark Hyman, a physician and best-selling author of UltraMind Solution, talking about some of the dangerous foods you need to avoid for your brain.

And Max Lugavere, a filmmaker, health and science journalist and a best-selling author of Genius Foods, talking about foods to activate your genius.

Also, Dr. Lisa Mosconi, a neuroscientist and best-selling author of Brain Food, talking about key nutrients for crossing the blood-brain barrier.

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*Please note, this episode is educational only and not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.*

"What we eat matters to our gray matter."


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  • A larger waist size has been correlated with poorer memory and brain function
  • Sugar and starch are toxins to the brain and cause inflammation and insulin resistance, cut them out if possible and increase good fats and colorful plant foods to help your brain
  • Quality matters. Hierarchy of priorities: if you start with real foods first, and eat whole foods without chemicals and additives, you’ll be ahead of the game
  • If you can afford it, you can eat organic and local too—but follow the hierarchy first if you can’t afford this, and start with cutting out junk


  • In restaurants, the bread and alcohol at the beginning of the meal aren’t good for you—skip the bread, and drink the alcohol halfway through the meal for optimal metabolism. If you consume it at the beginning of the meal, the metabolism is different, it will spike your insulin and make you hungrier
  • Coeliac disease has increased over the last 50 years along with gluten sensitivity
  • Why? We’ve changed our wheat—high in starch, high in gluten, high in glyphosate from the herbicide sprayed on it during harvest, and the neurotoxins present in all flours.
  • Our guts have been damaged too, low fibre, use of antibiotics, meaning gluten is more likely to create problems for your physical and mental health
  • You can try a 10 day detox to see how many issues are related to what you’re eating



  • Supplements Max gave Jim: phospholipid DHA—your brain uses this to create healthy cell membranes, important because our cell membranes form all the receptors involved in mood, executive functioning, attention and memory
  • We rely on the proper operation of these membranes to allow neurotransmitters to do their job
  • Carotenoid astaxanthin compound, unique marine compound (found in wild salmon, lobster, etc.) that activates FOX03 brain pathway, protects eyes, promotes neuroplasticity


  • Genius foods Max suggests in his book: foods filled with nutrients, fats, vitamins to increase longevity, combat inflammation, promote detox and improve brain health
  • Avocados: like dropping a bomb on oxidative stress, a source of Vitamin E and good fats
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Eggs
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Blueberries
  • Wild salmon
  • Cruciferous vegetables: supplying your body with the raw materials for its own detox pathways
  • Dark chocolate: cocoa flavonols to boost blood flow, make sure you reach for 85% or higher
  • Nuts: almonds are a great source of multiple types of Vitamin E



  • Caviar: filled with polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3, essential proteins and amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins
  • For vegetarians and vegans: almonds and flax seeds (need to grind them to release nutrients)
  • Types of omega 3 fatty acids: DHA (the type your brain wants), EPA (precursor to DHA), and ALA in plant foods—your body needs to convert this to DHA, and in this process, 75% is lost
  • Aim for an intake of 4g of DHA every day — people who consume this amount have a 70% reduced risk of dementia, as compared to people who eat less than 2g


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