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How to Use Your Power to Get What You Want

You’ve heard me talk before on the show about the myth of knowledge being power—we know that it only becomes power when we use it.

So today’s episode is designed to help you use your power, and get what you want by doing it.

Many of us spend our days telling ourselves we’re not good enough and not smart enough—or we give our power to things outside of us, and go through our days in a passive way rather than reminding ourselves of our own power and responsibility.

In today’s episode, I’ll help you to break yourself out of passive thinking, and get you doing rather than just dreaming. I’ll give you some tips to remind yourself of your own power, tell you how to write to-do lists that will change the shape of your day, and shift your thinking from wishful thinking to actively pursuing your dreams.

"You have the power and responsibility inside."


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  • A lot of people want to feel a certain way, they want to wake up and feel focused, have energy, have the motivation, have creativity, have a good memory
  • The trance word in the above is “have.” Meaning, you have it or you don’t
  • I want you to take the noun that applies to you (focus, creativity, etc.) and turn it into more of a verb. 
  • Avoid thinking “I want to have creativity”, and instead try “How can I do creativity?”
  • Your self-talk and thoughts are the programs your supercomputer brain will run
  • Genius leaves clues, there is always a recipe behind success if you look, always a method behind the magic—methods you can follow yourself
  • On your to-do list, add things you want to feel, like: “I will be energetic, I will be creative.”
  • This type of statement gives you more agency to influence your life and environment, rather than submissive, passive statements like “I want to have.”
  • All learning in life is state-dependent, information combined with emotion becomes long-term memory
  • What if you committed to feeling bold, feeling creative and playful? What things can you do to create these states in yourself?
  • Your brain and body is the ultimate adaptation machine, always adapting to your environment
  • Episode mentioned: Fast Focus & Productivity with Julia Roy
  • The message from today is to listen to your self-talk and turn nouns into verbs!


  • Take a screenshot of this episode, tag me on social media (@jimkwik, #kwikbrain) and tell me what noun you’re going to turn into a verb in your own life!

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