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Miracle Mindset with JJ Virgin

Triple-board certified celebrity Nutrition Expert and Fitness Hall of Famer, JJ Virgin teaches clients how to break through food and carb intolerances, so they can finally lose the weight to transform their health and their lives. JJ is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. Her latest book, Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, shows mothers everywhere how to be strong, positive leaders for their families, while exploring the inspirational lessons JJ learned as she fought for her own son’s life.


"It wasn’t enough just to survive."


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  • Miracle Mindset was re-published as Warrior Mom after JJ was referred to as a “warrior mom” when being asked to be a part of Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Broken Brain” docuseries.
  • The stamina, intuition, and determination that JJ was known for were the tools she needed to save her son’s life and her own. (read aloud from JJ’s book intro)
  • In 2012, JJ Virgin’s 16-year-old son was struck by a hit and run driver and left for dead. Doctors told JJ he would not survive the night and she should let him go. JJ determined that she would not only help her son survive but thrive. (more from JJ’s book intro)
  • In her book, Miracle Mindset aka Warrior Mom, JJ shares how a life-altering event forced her to live in the moment, trust her instincts, question everything, and make life or death decisions that often meant going against expert advice. (more from JJ’s book intro)
  • The tragic accident with her son was taking place while she was in the middle of launching her NYT bestselling book, The Virgin Diet, and serving as sole financial support for her family. If the book had not done well, she would have been bankrupt and unable to help her son.
  • The first night in the hospital, JJ vowed that she would be limitless. She overruled the decisions of the doctors to let her son die and made up her mind that she was going to help her son be 110%. It wasn’t enough for him to just survive. She vowed to do whatever it would take to help her son become better than before the accident.
  • Today her son and her entire family are better than before.


  • We all go through things in life, especially now.
  • The things you’ve gone through in your life prior to this point are the research and development that you need to help you show up the way you need to show up in challenging situations.
  • JJ was a single mom that invested everything she had into her book and then had to deal with her son in a life or death situation — traumatic brain injury, torn aorta, and multiple fractures. He spent months in the hospital ICU and it took them years to get him through it all.
  • When JJ was 30 she had a mindset mentor that trained her on being able to recognize when she was having a limiting belief. She had JJ wear a rubber band on her wrist that she would have to snap every time she did something critically negative, judgmental, or held a limiting belief.
  • Your mindset is important. There is so much negativity in the world that if you are not managing your environment carefully, you can get caught up in it without realizing what you are living in.
  • JJ says that she was “the poster child for imposter syndrome”.
  • After experiencing the total shock of the accident, JJ first realized that she had to be intentional about controlling her environment. She said she would not even let the thought that her son could potentially die into her head.
  • She envisioned in her mind, her son being at 110% and she made sure she did something every day that was getting him a step closer to that.
  • When helping her son overcome suicidal thoughts and everything else that came with his experience, she came to terms with the fact that the book she was writing, Miracle Mindset, was not about her son surviving; it was a book about how to show up in uncertain times when things are hard.
  • She realized that the best thing she could do was stay as positive as possible — wake up in gratitude every morning, write down at least three things she was grateful for, and work with her son on his mindset as much as possible to move through the really dark times.
  • Through all of what she was dealing with, she asked herself what she needed to do to get through it and show up for the people she cared about. This is what she realized: “I have to put my self-care first.”
  • She admits it sounds selfish at first, but it is really the most selfless thing you can do.
  • If you focus on making yourself strong and keeping yourself healthy, then you can show up for everybody else around you. If you are not, then you are the burden to them.
  • We all need someone to support us, cheerlead for us, and have our backs. If you have not met that person yet, be that person to someone else, so to be that person to yourself. You can’t have certainty and care for someone else if you don’t have it for yourself.


  • The best way you can help other people going through a difficult time is to be that light. Be that beacon and role model.
  • The first place to start beyond limiting beliefs is G.A.M.
  • If all you did was look for three things you are grateful for every single day when you wake up, and write them down because something different happens in your neurology when you write — the shift will be dramatic.
  • Appreciation is a thing that helps everyone win. Show appreciation throughout the day.
  • Celebrate the little wins at night — the miracles.
  • Studies show that positivity improves the immune system and drops your viral load significantly.
  • For more about JJ Virgin and her story visit her website.


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