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I love to learn! At 48 years old I am always looking for new things to experience.  Jim’s podcasts and Kwik Recall course have been amazing in helping me understand what is possible in the realm of memory in a time when I felt like I didn’t remember as much as I did when I was younger. And sadly, I just expected it to stay that way.

I have a high demand job as an Information Technology Unit Manager of a Software Automation Team in Illinois and I bounce from meeting to meeting and sometimes struggle to remember things quickly due to the unwritten expectation to multitask.

This is my Limitless story.

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One of the things our community talks about the most, is how to apply our methods in a wide variety of applications. Every day, the Kwik Brain team reads joy stories from students, clients, readers, and listeners telling us about the tactics and strategies that work best both personally and professionally.

Today’s episode is really special. It’s the first Kwik Stories, a new set of unique episodes where we bring these comments and posts to life throughout the year. I’d like to welcome our first guest, Gary Farnam. Gary and I connected on social media when he shared how he applied one of our Kwik techniques learning Morse code.

The creativity and knowledge you each contribute are amazing and incredible. Our company may be small in people, but we’re big on purpose. And we’re committed to ensuring that no brain is left behind. Listen in, as Gary shares how he used one of our Kwik methods to remember Morse code, and how it’s helping his learning and his life.

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"When you understand how your memory works, you can work your memory."

Gary Farnam

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  • Gary shares how he struggled with limiting beliefs and how he overcame them. [2:49]
  • This is why he chose the TIP method to learn Morse code and two examples to highlight how he applied the method. [3:46]
  • Every morning he does this to challenge himself and practice. [5:07]
  • Listen as Gary describes how this new learning changed his beliefs and undid some of the LIEs he had. [7:21]
  • Gary has shared other method with his nephew and coworker, and got these incredible results. [10:55]
  • He plans on using Kwik methods to remember these important dates. [12:40]
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