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Kwik Tips to Organize Information For Deeper Understanding

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How do you understand and organize information in a way that makes it memorable and accessible?

The goal here at Kwik Brain isn’t simply to get you reading, remembering, and learning faster. It’s to help you increase your productivity by understanding what you’re learning. But what does it mean to understand something? And how do you know whether you truly understand it or not?

In today’s episode, I’m going to go deeper into this topic by reading from Richard Saul Wurman’s new book,Understanding Understanding. Richard has written over 90 books on everything from information to architecture, but he’s most well-known for creating the TED conference, so he knows a lot about ideas, understanding, and how to share them.

Listen in as I read an excerpt that’s going to set up the framework for what it means to understand something. From there, I’m going to give you five tips on how to organize information for better focus, retention, and understanding.

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"A big part of Kwik Learning and unlocking your Kwik Brain is having the right set of attitudes, principles, strategies, and habits to help you learn faster and achieve more."

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  • Jim reads a very short excerpt, The Ode to Ignorance, from Richard Saul Wurman’s 2017 book, Understanding Understanding, setting up a framework for how to understand something. [04:15]
  • The importance of approaching learning with ignorance. [05:18]
  • 5 keys for organizing information to better understand and to remember using the acronym LATCH, which covers the finite ways of organizing infinite information. [07:29]
  • Why “Context is the Kingdom” and provides the structure and power of organization. [12:05]
  • Summary of the episode. [15:34]
  • Follow this assignment for the next time you are organizing something. [16:00]


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