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Longevity Secrets For Your Brain And Body with Dr. Halland Chen

Dr. Halland Chen, MD is a Double Board-certified Physician that has been featured on HBO, Forbes, and Elle for his expertise in longevity, stem cells, peak performance, anti-aging, and non-surgical options for pain relief and repairing injuries. He has a whole-body approach to restoring health by helping clients heal faster and feeling better quicker by addressing the underlying condition, not just the symptoms. As a physician and tech entrepreneur, Dr. Halland speaks at conferences and internationally where he enjoys merging the worlds of medicine, software, and application innovation. His passions in Regenerative Medicine and Functional Medicine are where he has several projects that include reversing the effects of aging by reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, detoxification of the body, and helping client’s shift into a proactive mindset for health.

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What are the five science-based secrets to live a longer, fuller, happier life?

Living longer isn’t about just adding years to your life. It’s also about adding life to your years. While the science behind longevity and anti-aging medicine is rapidly growing, it can be difficult to know where to start.

I’m thrilled to have a special guest with us today to guide you through his framework for longevity. Dr. Halland Chen is a double board-certified physician and world-renowned health expert specializing in regenerative medicine, longevity, biohacking, and peak performance.

Modern medicine often uses a repair model, focusing only on improving symptoms and not addressing the underlying conditions. By understanding the cornerstones that govern your overall health, you can radically transform your life. Listen in, as Dr. Halland reveals his proactive science-based approach to improving your body and mind.

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"Body symptoms over band-aid solutions; function over disease management."

Dr. Halland Chen

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  • These are the areas to help you understanding proactive medicine. [2:05]
  • Dr. Halland goes over the ABC’s of longevity. [3:41]
  • There are the five cornerstones that govern your overall health. [5:47]
  • These cornerstones make up your longevity roadmap. Here’s how to start. [8:21]
  • Mindset is key. Use the 5 H’s to remember how mindset impacts your life. [9:19]
  • Dr. Halland shows you some of the products he uses to biohack his health. [11:15]
  • You don’t have to do everything. Dr. Halland goes over some easy places to start. [15:13]
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  • If you’re interested in learning more or to participate in an immersive retreat, be sure to visit Dr. Halland’s website, here.

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