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Practice Controlled Breathing To Experience Stress Safely with Chuck McGee III

As a Type 1 Diabetic and Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, Chuck spent many years searching for simple and practical ways to improve his health. After feeling the benefits and massive shift conscious breathwork brought into his life, he switched professions and dedicated his life to helping others discover their own power to help themselves. For the past 7 years he has traveled the world, studying many breathwork modalities. His first introduction to conscious breathwork was the Wim Hof Method, including several weeks of instruction from Wim Hof, himself.  Chuck then continued to expand and share his knowledge in other breathwork practices, including Oxygen Advantage, Buteyko, XPT performance breathwork among many others. For the past four years he has been working in a healthcare setting, applying foundational functional breath to help reduce chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Chuck works with everyone at their own pace, regardless of their starting point. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, BBC Radio, and best-selling book “Breath” by James Nestor.

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How do you breathe during stressful times?

That might seem like a strange question. After all, breathing is something we do automatically. But how you breathe can change the physiological response you have to a situation. Practicing breathwork can help you experience stress safely so that you can learn to modulate your breath during any scenario life throws at you.

To talk more about this important topic, I’m happy to have Chuck McGee III on our show today. Chuck is a breathwork instructor who has dedicated his life to helping people discover the power conscious breathwork can have on their lives and health.

Your physiology affects your psychology. Controlled breathing can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, manage depression, and lower anxiety. Listen in, as Chuck walks you through several exercises and gives you practical tips on how to make conscious breathwork a habit.

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"You are your body’s pilot, not its passenger."

Chuck McGee III

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  • When you’re stressed, you can lose up to this much of your mental acuity, which can impact your decision making significantly. [1:40]
  • You send your body different signals depending on how you breathe. Here’s why that’s so important. [3:29]
  • Breathing through your nose provides your body and brain with all of these important benefits. [4:34]
  • You might be exhausting yourself and causing low-grade stress throughout your entire day, just by breathing this way. [6:22]
  • Follow along Chuck walks you through an exercise you can do whenever you feel stressed. [8:40]
  • Use this exercise throughout the day to check in with your body and retain your mental acuity. [11:31]
  • The ratio of how you breathe is important. Here’s why. [12:46]
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  • If you’re interested in doing more breathwork, Chuck hosts weekly sessions every Sunday at 11am PST and Monday at 9pm PST. You can join by using the permanent zoom link, here.
  • Visit Chuck’s website for more information on breathwork, including one on one consultations, here.

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