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Stay Hydrated To Build a Happier And Brighter Brain

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How do you become a master of your own behaviors and habits?

All habits begin with small, simple steps. That’s why I break down my morning routine into bite-sized actions and periodically turn them into easy challenges for you to do every day. One tiny action can compound into big change.

This week’s Kwik Challenge is to stay hydrated. You can lose up to a pound of water while you sleep, which means you’re likely to wake up dehydrated. Drinking water is vital for brain and body health—especially as we head into peak summer heat.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult. I often talk about how the treasures of your life are hidden in your daily routine, and you can uncover them by making small adjustments to your behaviors. Listen in, as I go over the six benefits for staying hydrated and give you some Kwik tips on how to incorporate more water into your daily routine.

"What you drink and how much you drink matters—especially for your brain matter."

Jim Kwik

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  • Drinking water has significant cognitive benefits. [1:49]
  • Be sure to incorporate these healthy behaviors in your brain breaks. [3:19]
  • How much you should hydrate depends on these factors. [4:05]
  • Don’t forget the quality of your water matters. [5:07]
  • Staying hydrated can impact your brain in these important ways. [6:00]
  • Take a screenshot of this episode, tag me (@jimkwik) and show me the water you’re drinking.


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