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Strategies to Taking Notes You’ll Remember

My name is Jim Kwik, the founder of Kwik Brain Universe, author of the best-selling book LIMITLESS and host of the #1 brain performance podcast, Kwik Brain. I am a world leading expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. After a childhood brain injury left me learning-challenged, I made it my life’s mission to create strategies to dramatically enhance mental performance. Once I was able to turn my own learning challenges around, I dedicated my life to helping people like you unleash your true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

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What are the best strategies for taking notes so that you can remember more?

Many of you have heard about the learning curve, but did you also know there’s a forgetting curve? Research shows that within 48 hours of encountering new information, most people forget up to 80% of what they read or heard. So, how can you change the way you learn to remember more in less time?

In today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through one of my favorite note-taking methods. This technique is not only easy to learn and simple to execute, it’s also a powerful tool to help you catch up, keep up, and get ahead in any area of your life.

We know that one of the most effective ways to learn something new is through active learning—not passive. And taking notes is one strategy to help you with that. But not all note-taking methods are designed to enhance your memory. Listen in as I go into detail on one of the best strategies for taking notes so you can recall and apply new information faster and more effectively.

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  • The 8 principles of quick and effective note-taking. [1:30]
  • Should you hand-write or type your notes? Which is better? [3:52]
  • Grab a notebook and follow along as Jim walks you through the Capture-Create note-taking exercise. [5:53]
  • Jim explains why this method is designed to direct your focus. [7:41]
  • Learn the T.I.P. for taking notes. [8:37]
  • Do this after every note-taking session to maximize your retention. [9:14]
  • Share how you take notes and tag me (@jimkwik) so we can continue to learn from each other.


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