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The Key To Long-Life Learning with Chip Conley

Chip Conley joined the tiny tech start-up Airbnb nearly a decade ago after a successful career as a boutique hotel company founder and CEO. He was twice the age of the average Airbnb employee which earned him the title ‘Airbnb’s Modern Elder’ who was as curious as he was wise. As the internal mentor to the young Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, Chip got to see the value of intergenerational collaboration in a company that has now grown to be the most valuable hospitality company in the world. His bestselling book, Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, is a testament to rethinking the value of having 5 generations in the workplace and why more companies are doing their best to encourage their older workers to stay in the workplace longer. Chip’s Modern Elder Academy has more than 2,000 alums who’ve come to the Mexican beachfront campus and MEA will be opening two campuses in Santa Fe, New Mexico soon.

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There’s a difference between being a life-long learner and long-life learner. How you learn at thirty years old is different from how you learn at sixty years old. As you age, your brain changes, which then transforms how you look at certain topics, what you want to learn about, and why you want to learn about them.

To go deeper into this topic, I’m thrilled to have Chip Conley as our special guest today. Chip is the founder and CEO of Modern Elder Academy, which focuses on the value of intergenerational collaboration in companies. His latest book, Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, encourages people to rethink the value of having five generations contributing to the workspace.

Long-life learning is the idea your thoughts are part of a holistic, systemic process that adapts as you age. Your focus and interests shift into seeking deeper meaning in the topics and subjects you study. Society tends to focus on how long you live. Listen in, as Chip explains why he believes the focus should be on depth and how you can become a long-life learner.

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  • Chip explains what long-life learning is and how it’s different from life-long learning. [2:55]
  • One way Chip’s own learning has changed was by moving from can-do-it to conduit. Here’s what he means. [5:34]
  • This was one of most valuable lessons Chip learned when he took on his role at Airbnb. [7:33]
  • There three elements facilitate faster learning. [9:56]
  • What does it mean to be a Modern Elder? Chip explains the pillars of the Modern Elder curriculum. [12:06]
  • These are the three foundations for a good, long life. [13:42]
  • This is what the curve of happiness research shows. [15:33]
  • For more information, visit modernelderacademy.com or chipconley.com.
  • You can subscribe to Chip’s Wisdom Well daily blogs, here.
  • Be sure to buy a copy of Chip’s book, here.

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