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Transform The Life of Special Needs Children Through Movement with Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel is founder of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® which evolved from her background in dance, clinical psychology and statistics, and her training and subsequent close professional collaboration with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. She has helped tens of thousands of clients, both adults and children, get over physical, cognitive, and emotional limitations and reach new levels of performance.

Anat’s work has been featured in the documentary, A Life Unbound, (finalist in the 2020 Raw Science film festival) and is supported by leading neuroscientists including, Dr Jill Bolte Taylor (My Stroke of Insight), Dr Michael Merzenich, (the “father” of brain plasticity science), Dr Martha Herbert (The Autism Revolution), and Dr Christina Bethell*, (pioneer in the fields of Integrated Science of Thriving and We are the Medicine)*.

Anat is the best-selling author of Move into Life and the highly acclaimed Kids Beyond Limits. She and her team have trained close to 1000 practitioners throughout the world and is she is committed to helping as many adults and children benefit from the power of their brains to change and transform their lives for the better. She works with her team at her center in San Rafael, California.

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How do you transform the life of your child with special needs?

As many of you know, this topic is near and dear to my heart. I had several traumatic brain injuries when I was a child and struggled with learning as a result. Being able to help provide information and resources to help everyone, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in, is extremely important to me.

That’s why I’m so excited to have Anat Baniel back on our show. Anat is a clinical psychologist, dancer, and best-selling author of Move Into Life: Neuromovement for Lifelong Vitality and Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child With Special Needs. Today, she’s going to walk you through practical, useable strategies that you can start using today.

Physical movement gives the brain key information that allows it to understand the world and by utilizing specific motions, you can help create these important neural networks. Listen in, as Anat guides you through how to use movement to help take you and your child past what you believe is possible and towards your limitless potential.

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Anat Baniel

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  • Last time Anat was on our show, she went over the nine essentials of movement, and how important they are for better brain and body health. Listen to that episode, here. [1:30]
  • The brain is a quantum system and can upgrade itself. Here’s what that means. [3:17]
  • Follow along as Anat gives you an example of how to use movement to activate the brain. [5:48]
  • If the brain can’t perceive this, it can’t process new information. And if it can’t process new information, it can’t learn. [7:20]
  • It’s very important that you do this step first, so that you can establish a baseline with your child. [7:58]
  • Listen as Anat explains some of the guiding principles she works within and gives examples of how they work. [9:09]
  • Screenshot this episode and tag us (@JimKwik & @anatbanielmethod_neuromovement), and let us know what small, simple step you’re going to take as a result of this episode.
  • If you want more information, visit AnatBanielmethod.com.
  • Be sure to get a copy of the book, Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child With Special Needs, here.


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