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Using Light To Enhance Your Memory with Dr. Shelley James

Dr. Shelley James is an international expert on light and well-being, TEDx and keynote speaker, WELL Advisor and Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art. Clients include global lighting and technology brands and regulators, healthcare and education trusts, architects and designers, academic institutions, and museums.   A recent social media campaign to raise awareness of the impact of light on teens was translated into three languages and reached over 2.5 million young people around the world. Her recent TEDx talk was selected for the TED platform and was the top 3 most-watched TEDx talks in May, just one week after launch. She is also a trained glass artist and electrician. Shelley is based in the UK and is a fluent French speaker.

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How do you use light to enhance your memory?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, you’re likely spending more time indoors with artificial light. Blue light from screens can interrupt your sleep, focus, and concentration. But can some types of light actually make you stronger or smarter?

To go in-depth on this topic, I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Shelley James on our show today. She’s an international expert on light and well-being, as well as a trained glass artist and electrician. Her TEDx talk, How Can Space Station Lighting Help Us Here on Earth?, was one of the top three talks the month it released.

In the same way that sunlight directly affects your biochemistry, artificial light can influence how your body and your brain perform. By understanding how to use different light effectively, you can harness some incredibly powerful health benefits. Listen in, as Dr. James talks about how she used light to heal from a traumatic brain injury and how you can use it for greater wellness and mental acuity.

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"Going outside is always best, but there are some brilliant lighting solutions available that offer our bodies and brains something a bit closer to that natural cycle that we need."

Dr. Shelley James

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  • Dr. James talks about her traumatic brain injury and how light helped her heal. [2:18]
  • The statistics on how much time the average person spends indoors versus outdoors are alarming. [4:24]
  • This is how light affects your brain. All you have to remember is CAN DO. [6:27]
  • If you’re not able to get direct sunlight, here are some resources that can provide some health benefits. [13:49]
  • Take a screenshot, tag us (@jimkwik & @drshelleyjames) and tell us how you’re using light to be smarter and stronger.
  • To continue the conversation, reach out to Dr. James on her website, www.ageoflightinnovations.com.

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