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Pro Sleep Habits for a High-Performance Brain with Sleep Expert Jack Dell’Accio

Jack Dell’Accio, CEO & Founder of Essentia, has been focused on analyzing sleep for over 20 years! Of most importance to Jack is the impact of restorative sleep in terms of recovery from disease, prevention of disease, longevity, and performance. Jack has worked with some of the world’s top athletes to optimize their recovery and performance. Through the years, he has worked directly with health gurus, professional athletes and teams in the NBA, NFL, MLS, and over 25% of active NHL players on creating healthy sleep performance. Essentia’s organic mattress has been recognized by several internationally renowned organizations including the Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab. Essentia has been named the #1 foam mattress by Consumer Reports for 7 consecutive years. Now, Jack is proud to present the results of a double-blind sleep study of professional athletes which proves Essentia can extend the time spent in REM and Deep Sleep cycles by 20% to 60%!

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Can you improve your sleep to boost your brain power overnight?

Sleep is one of the most important elements of good brain health. Chronic sleep problems are a major factor in cognitive decline and increases your risk for degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. When you optimize the quality of your sleep, your brain functions at its peak. But where do you start?

I’m excited to have Jack Dell’Accio on the show today. Jack is the Founder and CEO of Essentia and has analyzed sleep for over twenty years. He’s a certified sleep coach with a focus on the impact of restorative sleep for recovery, disease prevention, and longevity. Jack has also worked with many of the world’s top athletes helping them with injury recovery and optimizing their performance—both on and off the field.

You can learn how to sleep like a pro. But like any pro-athlete, you have to start with the right equipment. A good mattress can increase your REM and deep sleep stages, which will significantly improve your mental and physical health. If you want to learn more about which mattress I use, why I chose it, and how you can learn to sleep like a pro no matter what mattress you have, this episode is for you.

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"The foundation of brain health starts with sleep."

Jack Dell'Accio

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**This week’s show notes are taken from the video — enjoy!**

  • This is how Jack first became interested in sleep optimization. [5:09]
  • Instead of focusing on 7-8 hours of sleep, focus on this, instead. [8:24]
  • If you struggle with insomnia, these are some things you can try tonight to improve your sleep. [10:51]
  • You should know this about blue light and screen time, and how it impacts your sleep. [14:01]
  • When it comes to setting up your sleep environment, this is extremely important. [15:55]
  • This is what a VOC is and why it’s important to be aware of them. [16:17]
  • Avoid these seven things when looking for a mattress. [18:29]
  • A pillowtop can be appealing as far as comfort, but it can hide this. [20:50]
  • This is what happens to your blood cells when exposed to EMF’s. [22:23]
  • Blocking EMF’s was important to Jack. This is how he worked to include this technology in his mattress design. [24:08]
  • A double-blind study found that Essentia increased REM and deep sleep in athletes by this incredible amount. [27:02]
  • You can influence these stages of sleep, but not these. [29:27]
  • It was important for Jack to create a quality mattress because he believes in the importance of this. [32:51]
  • Take a screenshot, tag us (@jimkwik & @essentiaorganicmattress), and share your favorite go-to sleep tips.
  • If you’re looking to upgrade your mattress, visit myessentia.com/kwik to enjoy an EXTRA $100 off.
  • To learn more about the study’s on Essentia, check out these resources below:

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