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Simple Ways To Get Your Daily Brain Nutrition with Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger

A mother of four, Emmy + Peabody award-winning journalist, 7x New York Times bestselling author, NBC News special anchor, and founder of the charitable non-profit the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement at Cleveland Clinic—Maria Shriver is a high impact changemaker and one of the single biggest driving forces behind the Alzheimer’s awareness movement, a cause she has championed since her father Sargent Shriver was first diagnosed back in 2003.

MOSH, the mission-driven brain health and wellness brand she launched and co-founded this last year with her son Patrick Schwarzenegger is the next evolution in her unwavering commitment to elevate the conversation about brain health and rid the world of Alzheimer’s for this generation and the next.


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What are the best nutrients and foods for optimal brain health?

We are a society on the go and that often means it’s difficult to find foods that are nutritious, delicious, and convenient. You already know how important it is to eat for better brain health, but how can you find foods that are easy without adding extra time to your already busy day?

To dive into this topic, I’m excited to be live in the MOSH office today with actor Patrick Schwarzenegger and media icon Maria Shriver. Founded in 2021, MOSH bar is a family-run business focused on creating better brain health through food, education, research, and providing the tools for a “mindstyle” lifestyle.

I believe if you can change your brain, you can change your world. While there are many variables that go into nurturing optimal brain health, the food you choose is a large piece of living a limitless life. Listen in, as Patrick and Maria talk about their favorite brain nutrients and why they’re on a mission to make brain nutrition simple and convenient.

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"We’re building a community filled with brain warriors who want to give back, help each other, and take care of your most important asset."

Maria and Patrick Schwarzenegger

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  • This is why Maria is so dedicated to brain health and wants to build a brain health company. [1:46]
  • Now more than ever, people are becoming aware of their brain and why brain health is so important. [3:34]
  • These are Patrick and Maria’s favorite brain nutrients. [5:12]
  • This is the story behind MOSH bars and why they’re so focused on brain health. [7:12]
  • You have to do more than focus on your food. You have to build a brain healthy “mindstyle”. [8:03]
  • It’s important to remember the difference between how we see health today versus a generation ago. [10:26]
  • These are some of the powerful ingredients and nutrients in MOSH bars and why you should try them. [12:31]
  • This is Patrick’s favorite bar, and these are Maria’s. [14:36]
  • Take a screenshot, tag us (@jimkwik & @moshlife), and tell us which flavor you’re excited to try.
  • To try all the amazing flavors of MOSH bars, visit kwikberry.com.
  • For more information on the company, check out their website, here.

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