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Strengthen Your Mind: Daily Habits for Better Brain Health with Dr. Daniel Amen

Daniel G. Amen, MD, has helped millions of people change their brains and lives. He is the founder of Amen Clinics with 11 locations across the United States, an 18-time national bestselling author, and the cohost of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, which he creates with his wife, Tana. He has written and produced 17 national public television specials about the brain that have aired over 140,000 times across North America. Dr. Amen believes we can end mental illness by creating a revolution in brain health, and he regularly speaks to businesses, organizations, and churches about how to have a better brain and a better life.

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How do you change your brain every day?

When it comes to daily habits for better health, you probably think of things like physical exercise, spirituality, and a nutritious diet. But what about your brain? While some of the habits and routines for a healthy body help with better brain health, there are things you can do to nurture your brain every single day.

To dive deeper into this topic, we have Dr. Daniel Amen back on our show today. Dr. Amen is a physician, double-board certified psychiatrist, and founder of Amen Clinics and BrainMD. He’s also an eighteen-time New York Times bestselling author. He’s here to talk about his latest book, Change Your Brain Every Day: Simple Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Mind, Memory, Moods, Focus, Energy, Habits, and Relationships.

Learning to love and care for your brain takes daily focus. The good news is there are habits and routines you can establish to improve your brain today. If you’re looking for tips you can use every day on how to change your brain for better mental health, memory, energy, focus, and more, this episode is for you.

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"With a better brain always comes a better life."

Dr. Daniel Amen

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  • Taking care of your brain is a daily practice. Here’s what that means. [3:04]
  • Do you have brain envy? Dr. Amen tells you where to start building your better brain. [4:48]
  • This is rule number one for better brain health. [6:22]
  • Dr. Amen has seen a lot of health fads. This is how you counter those trends. [8:03]
  • Ask yourself what you really want. Your answer determines your focus and can make your choices easier. [9:36]
  • Look at your relationships with everything around you. How do they affect your brain? [11:31]
  • These are a few of Dr. Amen’s favorite daily brain practices. [12:42]
  • Simple supplements can make a huge difference. Here are a few to focus on. [14:05]
  • Dr. Amen recommends these sleep habits to optimize your brain health. [15:29]
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  • Be sure to grab a copy of Dr. Amen’s new book, here.
  • For more information on Dr. Amen and his clinical work, visit his website, here.
  • Watch the ‘Scan My Brain’ episode, featuring Jim, here.

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