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The Advantages of a Socially Awkward Brain with Ty Tashiro

TY TASHIRO is an author, psychologist, and relationship expert. His first book, THE SCIENCE OF HAPPILY EVER AFTER, shows how our decision-making abilities falter when it comes to choosing mates and how insights from social science can help us make smarter decisions. In AWKWARD: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome, he explains why some of the same characteristics that make people feel socially awkward can be the same traits that propel them toward extraordinary achievements. He received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been an award-winning professor at the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado. He lives in New York City.

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Can the traits that make you feel socially awkward actually be the key to unlocking extraordinary success?

We’ve all experienced a time when we felt like an outsider looking in. But for some, this isn’t a rare occurrence, but a constant struggle. In fact, research shows 10 – 15% of the population is socially awkward. But there is a strong correlation between social awkwardness and giftedness. You just have to learn how to use it to your advantage.

I’m excited to welcome Ty Tashiro to the show today. Ty is a psychologist and interpersonal relationship expert. He’s spent decades researching human intelligence, neuroscience, personality, and sociology to help us better understand this widely shared trait. He’s also the author of Awkward: The Science of Why We’re Socially Awkward and Why That’s Awesome.

There are few things more psychologically devastating than social exclusion. But being awkward can be like speaking a second language. By taking the same focus and persistence that you naturally give to things you love and applying it to your social life, you can figure out how to fit in without losing yourself. Listen in as Ty shares how you can turn your unique quirks into your greatest superpower and never grapple over an awkward social interaction again.

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"Awkward people can see things in unique ways, and once they settle into themselves, they’re great at seeing the uniqueness of others."

Ty Tashiro

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**This week’s show notes are taken from the video — enjoy!**

  • This is what inspired Ty to research and write a book about awkwardness. [2:48]
  • What does it mean to be socially awkward? Here’s how Ty defines it. [4:54]
  • Is it nature or nurture. Here’s where your awkwardness might stem from. [7:49]
  • This a common misconception people have when they meet awkward people. [9:12]
  • Socially awkward people often miss social cues. This is one reason why that happens. [11:40]
  • What is the correlation between awkwardness and introversion? The answer might surprise you. [13:45]
  • Being awkward can have some benefits. Here are two. [15:18]
  • This is one of Ty’s favorite studies on awkwardness and talent. [18:19]
  • At the other end of the awkwardness spectrum is this. [20:07]
  • If you feel like you’re socially awkward, here are some things you can do to become more socially fluent. [24:18]
  • It can be lonely when you don’t fit the social expectations. That’s why it’s important to remember this. [28:46]
  • Ty had this epiphany about working to overcome awkwardness thanks to a friend in junior high. [30:31]
  • Studies show if you do something awkward, people respond best when you do this. [34:20]
  • This is who Ty wrote the book Awkward for and why it means so much to him. [35:21]
  • Even if you don’t think you’re socially awkward, this book might help you with this. [37:39]
  • Take a screenshot, tag us (@jimkwik & @tytashiro), and share your biggest takeaway from this episode.
  • If you want to connect with Ty, visit his website, here.
  • To learn more about the studies Ty mentioned, you can read more by clicking the links below:
  • And don’t forget to grab a copy of Ty’s book, Awkward, here.


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