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Turning Mental Pressure into Resilience for High Performance with Julius Thomas

Julius Thomas is a cognitive scientist, mental performance expert, and 2x NFL pro-bowler. He is the founder of Mastery Development, a peak performance company that is dedicated to helping high performance individuals reach their peak by building mental performance and wellness. Julius is one of a select group of individuals to play D1 college basketball, and later become an NFL pro-bowler. Julius followed his athletic success by continuing his peak performance in the mind and brain sciences. Julius holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology, is a published academic researcher in stress and health, is a professor of neuroscience, and an advisor to various top academic institutions. However, Julius’ achievements were not without challenge and struggle. He has overcome the mental challenge of being at the end of the bench at the high school, college, and professional level, to achieve standout performance in his sports endeavors. Julius states that transitioning from NFL football to psychology was one of his biggest personal mental challenges. Through his transition he again overcame numerous negative mental experiences to find success as a mind & brain expert. Julius combines his personal experiences and academic knowledge to help elite athletes, executives, and organizations achieve peak performance. His passion is to encourage, educate, and empower those he gets the privilege to work with.

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What is the secret to overcoming mental challenges under immense pressure?

When it comes to peak performance under intense circumstances, it doesn’t get more high-stakes than being a pro-athlete. Week after week, they have to perform at their best. Not just for their own career, but for their entire team.

I’m excited to welcome Julius Thomas to the show today. Julius is a cognitive scientist, mental performance expert, and two-time NFL pro-bowler. He’s also the founder of Mastery Development, a company dedicated to helping high performance individuals reach their peak and he’s here to talk about building mental resilience and wellness.

Winning or losing is determined just as much by the strength of your mind as it is by your physique. When you learn how to leverage your mind as a tool, you can get a little bit closer to your goals every day. If you want to know how strengthen your mindset to elevate your performance at work and in life, this episode is for you.

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"If you stimulate insight with practice and repetition, it becomes growth."

Julius Thomas

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**This week’s show notes are taken from the video — enjoy!**

  • Changing careers from a professional athlete to a clinical psychologist was a big change. This is why Julius made the transition. [3:28]
  • Julius sat on the bench a lot in his career. But the bench taught him this. [5:19]
  • If you’re wondering how you can bounce back after a setback and push forward like a pro-athlete, remember to normalize this. [8:25]
  • It’s easy to see the shiny glamour in top athletes, but don’t overlook this. [10:11]
  • These are the five keys to peak performance that Julius focuses on in his work. [11:54]
  • To pursue excellence, you have to embrace this state first. [13:38]
  • Resilience comes down to these two things. [14:36]
  • This is how much mindset plays in any performance journey. [16:43]
  • One of the first indications that someone’s mindset is not where it needs to be is this. [20:00]
  • Julius is always looking for the next mountain to climb in his career. This is what he’s focused on next. [22:20]
  • If you want to connect with Julius and learn more about how you can train your mindset like a professional athlete, visit his website, here.

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