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Unlock And Boost Your Multiple Intelligences

My name is Jim Kwik, the founder of Kwik Brain Universe, author of the best-selling book LIMITLESS and host of the #1 brain performance podcast, Kwik Brain. I am a world leading expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. After a childhood brain injury left me learning-challenged, I made it my life’s mission to create strategies to dramatically enhance mental performance. Once I was able to turn my own learning challenges around, I dedicated my life to helping people like you unleash your true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

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How can you boost and unlock your multiple intelligences?

There’s a common misunderstanding that there is one type of intelligence. Maybe you took a standardized test when you were in school, and that score was how you defined your IQ. But research shows that not only are there multiple types of intelligence, but it isn’t a fixed number either.

I’m going to dive into this research on today’s show. Specifically, I’m going to go over Howard Gardner’s eight types of intelligences, plus a few extra, and some examples of how they might have developed or shaped your experiences of the world.

I talk a lot about the importance of having a growth mindset and this is why. You can improve your intelligence, but you first have to believe it’s possible. Listen in, as I describe each of the eight types of intelligences and visualize each one to determine which type—or types—you connect with the most.

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"You do not have intelligence; intelligence is a process of your mind and body."

Jim Kwik

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  • If you learn best through reading and writing, you might identify with this type of intelligence. [2:23]
  • Maybe you see the world through numbers and equations. [3:55]

  • Do you have to do a task before you learn? You might have this kind of intelligence. [4:48]

  • Does the world make more sense through rhythm and meter? This type of intelligence might be the strongest for you. [5:22]

  • If you’re good with other people, you might find this type of intelligence is your strength. [5:50]

  • Understanding the self is this type of intelligence. [6:31]

  • Can you visualize your ideas clearly? This type of intelligence might fit best. [7:00]

  • You might have a strong connection with nature if you have this type of intelligence. [7:46]

  • None of these are fixed, and you can embody multiple types of intelligence. Which ones did you identify with the most? [8:10]

  • There are two more types of intelligence that have recently been added. [9:23]

  • What kind of training can enhance your natural intelligence type? Or, how can you work on strengthening the areas you might not identify with as strongly? [10:23]

  • Take a screenshot, tag me (@jimkwik), and share which intelligence or intelligences do you feel you’re strongest in? Which one can you improve on?

  • If you want to go more in-depth, sign up for our Kwik Thinking program, here.

  • We also explore the different types of intelligence in my book, Limitless.


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