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Reading for Profit: How to Maximize Your Learning Potential with Jim Kwik

What if you could read one book a week without speed reading?

The average American reads four books a year. Compare that to the average CEO who reads four to five books a month, and it’s easy to see how reading one book a week, fifty-two books a year, is a huge advantage in business, learning, and life. There’s no denying that leaders are readers.

I love the topic of today’s episode. Reading is important to me because I grew up with learning challenges from a brain injury. It took me a few extra years to learn how to read and it was one of my biggest challenges. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you unlock your reading superpower.

We live the age of information, where the right knowledge isn’t just power, it’s profit. The faster you learn, the faster you can earn. And the quickest, easiest way to learn anything is by reading a book. If you’re looking for tips, tools, and techniques to help you read more, this episode is for you.

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