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Equipping Parents to Raise Confident, Kind, and Responsible Kids with Dr. Daniel Amen

This content contains affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase something, we may earn a commission. Thanks. What ...
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Strengthen Your Mind: Daily Habits for Better Brain Health with Dr. Daniel Amen

How do you change your brain every day? When it comes to daily habits for better health, you probably think ...
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Dr. Daniel Amen

In my book Use Your Brain to Change Your Age, I wrote a whole chapter about him because one of ...
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How to Recover from Covid Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen

How do you recover from COVID brain? Most people are familiar with the physical symptoms of COVID, but it also ...
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Neuroscience Secrets to Happiness with Dr. Daniel Amen

Can understanding your brain type unlock the neuroscience secrets to happiness? When it comes to brain health, happiness is a ...
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How to Train Your Thoughts & Tame the Hidden Dragons with Dr. Daniel Amen

Can you train your thoughts for a positive mind? Your brain is always eavesdropping on your self-talk. And “now more ...
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