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Simple Ways To Get Your Daily Brain Nutrition with Maria Shriver & Patrick Schwarzenegger

What are the best nutrients and foods for optimal brain health?

We are a society on the go and that often means it’s difficult to find foods that are nutritious, delicious, and convenient. You already know how important it is to eat for better brain health, but how can you find foods that are easy without adding extra time to your already busy day?

To dive into this topic, I’m excited to be live in the MOSH office today with actor Patrick Schwarzenegger and media icon Maria Shriver. Founded in 2021, MOSH bar is a family-run business focused on creating better brain health through food, education, research, and providing the tools for a “mindstyle” lifestyle.

I believe if you can change your brain, you can change your world. While there are many variables that go into nurturing optimal brain health, the food you choose is a large piece of living a limitless life. Listen in, as Patrick and Maria talk about their favorite brain nutrients and why they’re on a mission to make eating for your brain simple and convenient.

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