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Have you ever wondered what makes your brain unique? Why you excel in certain areas but struggle in others? The human brain is a fascinating and complex organ, and researchers are discovering more about what makes every individual tick. That’s why I developed a brain assessment, drawing from multiple well-established theories and models in cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience to help you discover and understand your unique brain type.

This quiz is a framework to help give you another set of tools to unlock your full potential for learning and personal growth. And, it breaks your results down into an easy to remember C.O.D.E. I invite you to take this test and discover your unique brain type: are you a Cheetah, Owl, Dolphin, or Elephant?

The Agile Cheetah

The Agile Cheetah is the instinctive doer. You have powerful instincts and aren’t afraid to use them, relying on your quick thinking and adaptability to get you through any situation. While you value thoughtful, strategic planning, you are very comfortable with sudden changes in all areas of life and business. You like making fast decisions and excel in high-pressure situations. Your dynamic nature makes it easy to adapt to new challenges and you like a change of pace in terms of new environments, projects, and tasks. Because you thrive in conditions that are constantly changing, things like rigid rules, regulations, and institutions are not your favorite. Instead, you like fast-paced atmospheres that value flexibility and gut-instinct.

The Wise Owl

The Wise Owl represents the logical thinker. You have strong analytical skills and a finite attention to detail, allowing you to assess data with clarity and precision. And you have yet to meet a puzzle you weren’t excited to solve. There’s nothing you love more than unraveling complex concepts and breaking problems down into manageable parts. Your curiosity is insatiable, driving you to ask questions and explore new topics. When it comes to making decisions, you need time to take a deep dive into the problem, consider multiple outcomes, weigh the pros and cons, and think several steps out before reaching any conclusions. Whether it’s taking everyone’s interests into account when planning a family vacation, or providing a comprehensive report on your company’s productivity, you handle intricate details with ease. But creating quality analysis takes time, and that means you’re not comfortable making snap decisions under pressure.

The Creative Dolphin

The Creative Dolphin is the visionary. You generate original ideas and find unique solutions to complex problems through out-of-the-box thinking and strong intuition. Imagination is your playground. You approach challenges with a fresh perspective, looking from all angles, even ones no one has considered. Impossible isn’t in your vocabulary. That doesn’t mean you’re trying to constantly reinvent the wheel. Instead, you enjoy building on what already exists, and either expanding their potential or taking a different approach. You thrive when you’re encouraged to offer new viewpoints and love brainstorming new ideas. At home, you breathe new life into Taco Tuesday and can craft a brand-new marketing campaign for a lagging product at work. You’re guaranteed to come up with an idea no one else has thought of. You shine in environments that embrace your creative spirit and can feel stifled in places that require you to conform to strict convention.

The Empathetic Elephant

The Empathetic Elephant is the collaborative connector. You have exceptional emotional intelligence. Thanks to your ability to understand others on a deeply emotional level, you’re able to forge strong connections. Teams are better with you on them. You’re supportive and cooperative, and your empathy enables you to mediate conflict, facilitate open communication, and enhance a positive atmosphere wherever you go. You understand how other people can lift each other up, encouraging them to weave their strengths together to create an unstoppable force. This makes you a master negotiator, an uplifting cheerleader, and a just peacekeeper. It doesn’t matter whether you’re helping your children get along or managing a diverse group to launch a new product line, you will find a way to bring them together, see different points of view, and flourish as a united team.


When you understand your brain type, you’re empowered to leverage your strengths and develop strategies to overcome challenges. Remember, these brain types are not strict categories, but a framework to help you explore and embrace your unique qualities. You may even find multiple brain types resonate with you. Everyone is a one-of-a-kind combination of traits and abilities. That’s why your brain type isn’t a limitation, but a foundation from which you can build and expand.

This information can help you tailor your learning approach, seek environments that complement your strengths, and surround yourself with individuals who can support and challenge you. When you embrace your strengths, cultivate your weaknesses, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, you can unleash your truly limitless potential.

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So, are you ready to uncover your brain type? Find out if you embody the agility of the Cheetah, the wisdom of the Owl, the creativity of the Dolphin, and the empathy of the Elephant. Take the quiz at mybrainanimal.com and unlock the power of your remarkable mind.