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The 3 Keys for Unleashing Momentum with Jim Kwik

How do you build up momentum? 

Today, I want to talk about creating momentum in your learning and your life. 

To become an unstoppable force where you don’t bounce back, you jump forward and create velocity. Because that’s what momentum is. 

If you look up the word in physics, momentum equals mass times velocity. You are mass, and I want you to become the mass in motion. Because when you don’t have momentum, you’re stuck or held back. 

An object in motion tends to stay in action, but an object at rest tends to remain at rest. 

I’d like you to think about what area in your life would like to have more positive momentum towards your hopes and dreams. 

Where would you like to be an unstoppable force, and how would you apply that momentum? 

Listen in as I share the three keys for unleashing positive momentum. 

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