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Congratulations on taking the quiz and unlocking the C.O.D.E. to your unique brain type. You’ve taken the first step towards understanding how to leverage your strengths and develop strategies to overcome your biggest challenges. As an Agile Cheetah, you have incredible strengths you can use to overcome any challenge in your learning and life.

If you haven’t taken the test yet, be sure to visit mybrainanimal.com to find out which brain animal represents you.

The Agile Cheetah

The Agile Cheetah is the instinctive doer. You have powerful instincts and aren’t afraid to use them, relying on your quick thinking and adaptability to get you through any situation. While you value thoughtful, strategic planning, you are very comfortable with sudden changes in all areas of life and business. You like making fast decisions and excel in high-pressure situations. Your dynamic nature makes it easy to adapt to new challenges and you like a change of pace in terms of new environments, projects, and tasks. Because you thrive in conditions that are constantly changing, things like rigid rules, regulations, and institutions are not your favorite. Instead, you like fast-paced atmospheres that value flexibility and gut-instinct.

Utilize Your Cheetah Strengths

As someone who follows your gut and is always ready for a change, your best productivity strategy is to set short-term goals. When you break tasks down into smaller, achievable tasks, you’re able to maintain momentum and stay motivated. This helps you feel like you’re making progress and can help you stay on track when it comes to goals with long timelines.

You also learn best through hands-on experience. Whatever you can do to make your goals, lessons, and work sessions interactive will do wonders for your focus and concentration. Look for opportunities to visit facilities, assist in a lab, participate in a workshop, or volunteer for an event to solidify new lessons and skills.

Even though you thrive in high-energy situations, you still need time to recharge and re-energize. Your tendency might be to take working lunches and ignore breaks, but these can actually lead to burnout and overload. Break your day down into manageable pieces where you take the time to relax and recover. It might feel like you’re going against your energetic norm, but you’ll find that you have even more energy and higher productivity when you allow yourself to rest.

Some time-management techniques you’ll want to master will involve time blocking. This is when you chunk down your day into time blocks dedicated to specific tasks. For example, you set aside twenty minutes to do email, ten minutes to write your daily to-do list, thirty minutes for your morning reading. Using the Pomodoro Technique can help you stay focused on the tasks without worrying about the time and remind you to take breaks when the timer goes off. These small chunks of time help you shift tasks quickly and easily while allowing you to maintain focus and efficiency throughout your day.

Cheetahs Working with Others

Every animal type has their own strengths to contribute when working with others. The goal of a successful team is to use your strengths to complement others and contribute to a more effective and balanced group dynamic. Here are some specific strategies you can employ when working with other animal brain types.

Owls are the logical thinkers. They have a methodical approach which might seem frustrating to a Cheetah. But your adaptability and quick decision-making skills can help an Owl move through difficult and complex tasks with ease. You want to be open to their structured plans and offer solutions when they come up against road blocks. Because you’re quick on your feet, you can help them brainstorm for faster planning and easier execution.

As a creative visionary, Dolphins love dreaming up new ideas. You might have a tried-and-true approach that gets you to your goal quickly, but the Dolphin might have an out-of-the-box approach that gets you twice the results in the same amount of time. You and the Dolphin can work very well together, as your fast-acting tendencies bring their new ideas to life in record time. And your agility means you can pivot quickly when things don’t work and give them more opportunity to dream up something even better than before.

There’s nothing more important to an Elephant than connecting with their team. Rather than getting frustrated at how time-consuming team consensus can take, be open to learning how to apply everyone’s opinions and strengths for the most efficient outcome. This can be helpful when it comes to complex situations. Allowing an Elephant to facilitate communication and collaboration can help you find the fastest solution for the entire team.

Improve Your Cheetah Weaknesses

Every animal type has challenges you can work on to improve your performance. By focusing on personal growth, you can become self-aware enough to overcome these obstacles and become your best self.

One of the biggest challenges you face as a Cheetah is cultivating patience. You want to move forward, favoring action over caution. And while that means you make progress on your tasks and are busy throughout your day, some of that might be work you didn’t need to do. When you don’t take the time to analyze situations thoroughly, you can make mistakes, causing you to redo certain steps before you can complete whatever you’re working on. A little of preparation can feel slow at the beginning, but translate to being faster in the end.

You can work on this by practicing your planning skills. Creating detailed plans that break your goals down into small, actionable goals will help you develop a stronger vision of your tasks and projects. You’ll see each step clearly, which means you can execute them more efficiently. And you’ll spend less time recovering from mistakes or unforeseen obstacles.

Another area to work on is your active listening skills. In your haste to get things done, you might not take the time to fully absorb or understand various perspectives when making a decision or moving forward on a project. Other people have valuable insight that you can use in your planning and execution. Even though you prefer to learn hands-on by doing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to learn from someone else’s experience first.

By focusing on these areas of improvement, you’ll start to plan and collaborate on a whole new level. This will give you a more balanced and effective approach to work, learning, and personal growth.

Better Cheetah Problem-solving and Decision-making

Each animal brain type has unique cognitive preferences that you can use to improve your problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

As a Cheetah, you want to learn to trust your instincts. Your gut reactions and intuition are highly attuned to your thinking, and you can use them to guide your decision-making. This can be particularly helpful in situations where rapid decisions are necessary or when there is limited information available.

Because one of your strengths is hands-on learning, this means that everything you experience is a teaching moment. Be willing to test potential solutions, learn from the outcomes, and adjust your approach accordingly. You won’t always be right, and will often have to adjust, but those setbacks will help fine-tune your process for the future.

Finally, don’t be afraid to seek input from others. Getting feedback and advice from others will balance your desire to rely entirely on instinct. Sometimes you might know the path forward but not know quite how to get there. Being open to a variety of perspective and new insights will help fine-tune your ability to act quickly, trust your gut, and learn from experience.


As a Cheetah, you have incredible strengths and cognitive gifts. You can leverage these abilities to overcome challenges, improve your performance, and unlock your inner genius. Learn to listen to your instincts, practice your long-term planning, and turn the world into your personal classroom.

Remember, these brain types are not strict categories, but a framework to help you explore and embrace your unique qualities. You may even find multiple brain types resonate with you. Everyone is a one-of-a-kind combination of traits and abilities. That’s why your brain type isn’t a limitation, but a foundation from which you can build and expand.

This information can help you tailor your learning approach, seek environments that complement your strengths, and surround yourself with individuals who can support and challenge you. When you embrace your strengths, cultivate your weaknesses, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, you can unleash your truly limitless potential.

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