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Unlock And Boost Your Multiple Intelligences with Jim Kwik

How can you boost and unlock your multiple intelligences?

There’s a common misunderstanding that there is one type of intelligence. Maybe you took a standardized test when you were in school, and that score was how you defined your IQ. But research shows that not only are there multiple types of intelligence, but it isn’t a fixed number either.

I’m going to dive into this research on today’s show. Specifically, I’m going to go over Howard Gardner’s eight types of intelligences, plus a few extra, and some examples of how they might have developed or shaped your experiences of the world.

I talk a lot about the importance of having a growth mindset and this is why. You can improve your intelligence, but you first have to believe it’s possible. Listen in, as I describe each of the eight types of intelligences and visualize each one to determine which type—or types—you connect with the most.

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