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Using Your Brain Animal to Learn Faster 

Now that you’ve taken the quiz and unlocked the C.O.D.E. to your unique brain type, you’ve taken the first step towards understanding how to leverage your strengths and develop strategies to overcome your biggest challenges.

Once you understand your unique brain type, you can utilize this knowledge to learn any skill faster. Read on for more tips and tricks too unlock your limitless learning.

Owl (Logical Thinker):

The Owl learns best by breaking skills down into its individual components. Use your strong analytical skills to understand exactly what learning something new is going to require and then chunk it down into more manageable parts. 

You can also use your analytical abilities to understand the underlying and concepts of a skill. This enables you to see the whole through its underlying parts. As each piece becomes clear, your overall ability to grasp the skill you’re trying to learn solidifies faster. In the end, you’ll grasp the skill more effectively.

One of your strengths is piecing puzzles together. Look at learning a new skill as putting together a puzzle, but you have to create the puzzle pieces first. Once you master each component, you can easily reconstruct the elements to build a solid foundation until you master the entire skill.

Be aware that it can be easy for you to get lost in the process. Set clear learning objectives and stick with your timeline. You want to establish specific and measurable goals for your learning, and make sure you check in with these goals frequently throughout the learning process.

Cheetah (Instinctive Doer):

Cheetahs are known for being quick thinkers and fast on their feet. You learn best by the hands-on doing. If it’s possible to experiment or dive right into the project, you’ll want to start doing that as soon as possible. The more you can practice, the faster you’ll pick up the skill.

You’ll want to facilitate this by actively seeking out learning experiences that allow you to gain hands-on, practical experience as part of the process. If interactive activities aren’t necessarily part of the learning curriculum, get creative in how you can bring this element into your studies. The more you do this, the faster you’ll reinforce your learning and master the skill.

Because you like to dive right in, be aware that you might make more mistakes in the beginning. That’s okay. Failure and mistakes are part of the learning process, particularly if you want to get started on the new skill right away. Look at each error as a learning opportunity and keep track of the adjustments you need to make so that every new attempt takes you further.

It can be easy for the Cheetah to go too fast. You’ll want to establish achievable short-term goals to maintain momentum and stay motivated. This might mean daily goals, or even hourly, depending on what skill you’re trying to learn. Set clear objectives and use them to help propel your momentum forward.

Dolphin (Creative Visionary):

For the creative visionary, Dolphins need to explore and experiment with different approaches. You like to try various techniques before settling on one that works. Embrace this need to try new things and use it to enhance whatever new skill you’re trying to learn.

You are open-minded and adaptable. This can sometimes make learning feel like it’s progressing at a slow rate. But you’re learning with every new approach you take, and once you land on the method that works best for that particular skill, you’ll find that all the previous attempts have taught you pieces of the skill and enable you to master it faster.

This unique approach also gives you the chance to practice your creativity. As you think about new approaches to your new learning problem, you’re also thinking about the skill itself. This helps you understand not just what you want to learn, but how, and that enables you to create exercises and practices to best develop your new learning.

All of this means you have a lot of tools and resources when it comes to learning, but you want to be aware that you can get caught up in the creative process more than the learning. Ask others for help and use their expertise to make your experimental learning faster. Their expertise and insights can unlock new ideas to help cement your new learnings.

Elephant (Collaborative Connector):

Elephants learn new skills the most effectively when you work with others. Sharing knowledge and receiving feedback is what helps solidify new learning and skills the fastest. That means you’ll want to join in group activities whenever possible. Study groups, study buddies, and after-class meetings will be key elements in your learning process.

Another way you can engage in collaboration is through a mentor or internship. You’ll want to focus more on programs that allow one-on-one time so you can have time to ask questions and get individual guidance on your learning progress.

Even if you can’t get one-on-one focused attention, your communication skills mean that you know how to ask for help. You’ll focus on knowing what questions to ask to hone in on the key areas needed to clarify any confusion you may have. In group interactions, your collaborative skills will help lead quality discussions with others, leading to overall deeper learning for everyone involved.

As an elephant, you’re deeply empathetic. You can tap into this innate skill to better understand the challenges and nuances that goes into new learning. Your ability to ask for feedback, learn from others, and tap into deeper insights all enable you to approach new learning with profound insight.

Take The Quiz Today

If you haven’t taken our quiz yet, be sure to head over to mybrainanimal.com to discover your unique brain type. This quiz is designed to give you another set of tools to unlock your full potential for learning and personal growth.

Even the morning hosts at Today Show Australia took the quiz! Check out their results below:

And if you want to dive deeper into the brain animals, be sure to watch this episode:

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