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What is Brain-based Coaching

What if we told you that you could train your brain to read faster, make decisions quicker, and recall information more accurately? It might sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what we do at Kwik Brain.

Our brain-based coaching programs focus on rewiring your brain by training it to work more efficiently. Similar to the way you exercise other parts of your body to be stronger and faster, our programs are a workout for your brain.  

If you’re curious about whether a brain coach is right for you, this ‘Kwik’ read is a good place to start.

How Does Brain-based Coaching Work?

Coaching has a long history of helping people grow. But brain-based coaching takes this approach to the next level. It leverages leading principles from the field of neuroscience and performance analysis to help you develop your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

Our executive coaching services differ from traditional approaches in several ways. We focus on teaching you how to build a foundation of healthy habits that will elevate every aspect of your learning and your life. Our programs allow you to focus on your interests and create goals based on your individual personal and professional needs. We help you identify what you’re good at and how you can leverage those strengths more effectively.

Our program guides you through the 3 M’s—Mindset, Motivation, and Methods. We teach you how to develop a healthy mindset, unlock what truly motivates you, and give you the tools and techniques to apply our methods to every facet of your life. You have limitless potential, and our goal at Kwik Brain is to help you find it.

Why is Brain-based Coaching Important?

In school, they taught you what to learn, but not how to learn. Brain-based coaching doesn’t focus on one set of skills that you practice repeatedly. Instead, our programs focus on skills and techniques that you can then apply to any subject to enhance your learning capabilities.

This holistic approach doesn’t just improve one area of your life, but every area. When you double or triple your reading speed, you save valuable time you can use getting more done throughout your day. And improving your focus and concentration increases your productivity, helping you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

Once you understand how your brain works, you can work your brain. This is the core of why brain-based coaching is so important. Understanding how to learn means you can improve any skill, apply new learning to any area of your life, and meet any new challenge head on. As your competence grows, so does your confidence, taking you beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Who Benefits from Brain-based Coaching?

Whether you want to read faster, learn more, or improve your productivity, we have a Kwik Brain program for everyone, from employees to executives, students to parents. We design our brain-based coaching techniques to help you learn and grow no matter what age or stage you’re currently in.

One of the key components that sets our programs apart is the belief that improving your brain health is the most important aspect of learning. We help you dismantle LIEs—the limited ideas entertained—that might hold you back, manage stress, and show how diet and exercise can improve your focus and concentration. Rather than focus on what to learn, we teach you techniques to improve your memory and make studying easier.

We designed our program to fit within your busy schedule. They range from ten to thirty days, and every lesson is less than twenty minutes a day. Beyond the individual programs, we give you exclusive access to our online community where you can find support from our staff and among your fellow peers. We share the latest in neuroscientific studies, provide links to our weekly motivational podcast, and offer exclusive content, all to help you become a better leader, improve your confidence, reach your potential, and achieve any goal you set.

Beyond Typical Brain-based Teaching Methods

Your memory and capabilities are not fixed. You can learn and grow at any point in your life. We’ve developed and tested our tools and techniques for the last three decades to ensure you get the most powerful results possible.

Here’s a sneak peek to help you get started on your journey. All you have to remember is FAST.

F stands for forget. Forget three things: what you think you know, anything that’s not urgent, and your limitations. Don’t let the negativity of the past impact how your brain learns and recalls new information.

A stands for active. Learning is not a spectator sport. Take notes, ask questions, and take part in our community. The more engaged you are, the faster you’ll see results.

S stands for state. All learning is state dependent. Increase concentration, reduce anxiety, and discover new abilities.

T stands for teach. When you teach something, you get to learn it twice. Remember to share what you learn and invite a friend to join you on your learning adventure.

‍To learn more about our tools and techniques, watch this episode:

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