September 26, 2017

Super Charge Your Brain & Life with Brendon Burchard (Part 1)

Without making the actual attempt, without trial and strife, there can be no true knowledge, no progress, no high achievement, and no legend.

Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books include The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, and Life's Golden Ticket.


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How do you supercharge your brain and your life? In the first episode of our 3-part series with high performance expert Brendon Burchard, we reveal the first 3 of the 10.

Show Notes

In the first of this 3-part series, I reveal some of the 10 human drives that make you feel alive.Our brains are hardwired to meet very specific human drives - and learning to harness and activate these drives is the key to success and happiness. These 10 human drives shape everything you think, feel, and do in life.Brendon Burchard is a New York Times bestselling author, master coach, and high performance expert. In this episode, he challenges beliefs and behaviors that keep you from being extraordinary.If you feel broken or not fully charged, you can activate the 10 human drives to make you feel fully alive.Nothing in life is fixed.With certain actions, you can rewire neurons and neural connections to re-grow parts of people’s brains.

10 Human Drives (Drives 1 – 3)

By activating the 10 human drives, you can strengthen and rebuild not just your brain but your life.The baseline drives are the fundamental ‘umbrella’ drives we need to feel secure in our lives.These are our drives for self-knowledge.

Drive 1: Control.

  • We want to have an element of control in our lives.
  • The worst times of your life were probably when you had the least control – but too much control can also make you miserable.
  • Every human drive can be activated in a positive or negative way in our lives.
  • Control is the drive that most people use negatively.
  • People try to get more control, which interferes their ability to be present. It also upsets a lot of people and can become obsessive or selfish.
  • Trying to control everything sucks away at your life.
  • To activate the drive for control in a positive, healthy way, control for new. Ask yourself: what can I create or do now that will challenge me? Go to a new place. Try a new experience. Approach something from a fresh perspective.
  • New experiences give you dopamine, which is one of the hormones that activates the most satisfaction. Dopamine also forces you into the present, giving you a heightened sense of engagement.

Drive 2: Competence.

  • We have to feel like we understand our environment.
  • The greater competence you think you have, the more self-esteem, self-reliance, and success you’ll have.
  • To create greater competence, set a new learning challenge for yourself every 30 days.
  • What will you learn this month that pushes your knowledge, skills, and abilities?
  • A zest for learning will open you up to a new level of experience in your life.
  • In psychology, they have the competence-confidence loop.
  • The more competence you have, the more confidence you have to try new things.
  • The more confidence you have, the more you develop competence – and it becomes an upward spiral.
  • Effort level is completely dictated by competence level. If someone doesn’t feel like they’re competent based on the 10 factors shown in The Charge, they won’t even try it.

Drive 3: Congruence.

  • The human drive of congruence is towards integrity.Be congruent with who you know you are and are capable of being.
  • Be congruent with who you know you are and are capable of being.
  • Being congruent with who you know you are brings you joy, moves you towards your highest self, and helps you feel most activated.
  • When we aren’t congruent with who we are, we feel like a sellout.
  • Some people have accepted a certain story about who they are, but internally their drive disagrees.
  • These people have greatness within them. They feel like a lion, but they’re acting like a mouse – and they’re miserable because they’re incongruent.
  • To be congruent, claim your identity. Ask yourself: what are the 3 words that define me that I will live towards, be, and exemplify every day of my life? If you can’t define it, you can’t be it – because you can never know if you’re being it. Brendon has three words for himself and three words for how he interacts with other people. His three words are: present, enthusiastic, and bold.
  • Make these words about your self-identity and not about your values.
  • Words like “love” and “growth” are values definitions. They are great evaluative tools in life to make decisions, but they don’t necessarily guide who you are. “Growth” is something you achieve, not something you are.
  • You need to be congruent with your values too – but before you ask yourself, “What do I value?,” you have to ask yourself, “Who am I?”

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Super Charge Your Brain & Life with Brendon Burchard (Part 1)

Super Charge Your Brain & Life with Brendon Burchard (Part 1)

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