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Break the Limit: Why 1% More Effort Can Change Your Life

My name is Jim Kwik, the founder of Kwik Brain Universe, author of the best-selling book LIMITLESS and host of the #1 brain performance podcast, Kwik Brain. I am a world leading expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. After a childhood brain injury left me learning-challenged, I made it my life’s mission to create strategies to dramatically enhance mental performance. Once I was able to turn my own learning challenges around, I dedicated my life to helping people like you unleash your true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

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Can one extra degree of effort make a difference when it comes to reaching your goals? 

The first step in goal-getting is mindset. You have to assess the attitudes and assumptions you have towards everything related to your goal. Before you can make significant progress, you have to first believe it’s possible. Then you have to work for it.

Today, I want to explore how to adjust your mindset by looking at the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. The difference between success and failure isn’t talent, education, or access. It’s the energy you exert every single day.

Effort is about progress not perfection. It’s about being able to advance and evolve beyond what you currently believe is possible. Listen in as I talk about how giving just one degree of extra effort in your daily routine can yield incredible results.

I invite you to join me in a world of limitless learning possibilities. Through my revolutionary Kwik Brain accelerated learning programs, I’ll guide you towards rapid growth and extraordinary achievements by unlocking the secrets of productivity, memory enhancement, confidence-building, and more. Unleash your true genius at http://kwikbrain.com and use code PODCAST15 at checkout for an exclusive 15% discount on any of our transformative courses as a thank you for being a loyal listener.

To learn more about your brain type and how to use this knowledge to create lasting change, visit kwikbrain.com/animal-quiz, and take the quiz today.

"When you change your brain, you change your life."

Jim Kwik

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  • People who demonstrate consistent genius do this. [1:21]
  • The book 212: The Extra Degree talks about the power this can make. [1:59]
  • Practice helps you do this to your time. [2:43]
  • The difference between winning and not winning is this. [3:17]
  • Think about how much further you could get if you added this to your daily life. [4:42]
  • To get anything in life, you have to do this. [5:13]
  • It doesn’t take as much of effort as you think to see real results. Here’s why. [5:50]
  • You have one life. When you live it like this, everyone benefits.  [6:24]
  • Don’t waste energy doing this and put it here instead. [7:06]
  • If you’re struggling to reach your goals, remember this African proverb. [[7:33]
  • Take a screenshot, tag me (@JimKwik), and tell me how you’re going to apply one extra degree to your day.
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