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Read 1 Book a Week (52 Books a year)…Without Speed-Reading

What if you could read one book a week without speed-reading? How much of an advantage could it give you? In this episode, I’ll show you exactly how to read 52 books a year!

"Motivation is a set of emotions (painful and pleasurable) that act as the fuel for our actions."

Jim Kwik

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Leaders are readers. Warren Buffett reads 500 pages a day, devoting 80% of his day to reading. Bill Gates wants the superpower of reading faster. JFK and Carter brought speed-reading instructors into the White House to train their staff.

The average person only reads a few books a year. The average CEO reads 4 or 5 books a month.

We live in an information age where the right knowledge is not only power, it’s profit – both financial and otherwise. Now, mind power is more important than muscle power. And the ‘kwik’er you can learn, the ‘kwik’er you can earn.

But how do you learn this knowledge? Through reading.

If someone has decades of experience in a particular field, and they put it into a book, that means you can download decades into days.

Don’t let your self-help books become shelf-help!

Remember, if you’re not reading, you have no advantage over someone who can’t read.

Take notes if you can!

4 Ways to Read A Book A Week

1. Keep an active book list

  • Every time you receive a book recommendation, write it down or note it on your smartphone. Keep a regularly updated list of books you’re excited to read.

2. Test your reading speed

  • Time yourself reading a book at normal speed for 60 seconds.
  • When you finish, count the number of lines you read per minute – your LPM.
  • Count the number of words in an average line. (Most books have 10 words per line.)
  • Multiply your LPM by the number of words to find your reading speed in words per minute (WPM).
  • Most people read roughly 200 – 250 WPM.

3. Calculate how long it takes to read a book

  • According to Amazon, the median number of words per book is approximately 64000. 50% have more words; 50% have fewer words.
  • If you read 200 WPM, you can finish a book in 320 minutes. Divide that by 7 – that’s roughly 45 minutes of reading per day! Isn’t that less than you thought?

4. Schedule your reading

  • Nothing is better than reading in terms of building your mental muscles.
  • But most people neglect to take care of their minds the way they take care of their bodies.
  • If you just talk about reading, it won’t happen. Schedule your reading time when you know you can commit to it.
  • Treat that time as sacred, like a meeting with your investors or your boss.
  • Bonus: Schedule your reading time at your peak time, when you’re energized and awake. Learn what your peak times are by learning your chronotype at your Kwik Brain recordings.

BONUS: 5. Invest in a speed-reading program

The best way to accelerate your reading is by investing in a speed-reading program. If you triple your reading speed, you can finish a book a week by reading just 15 minutes a day! And it’s not just about speed-reading but SMART reading. There’s no sense in reading faster if you don’t remember any of it!

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