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Supercharge Your Brain & Life with Brendon Burchard (Part 2)

Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books include The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive, The Millionaire Message: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice, and Life’s Golden Ticket: An Inspirational Novel.

Join this 3-part podcast with New York Times bestselling author and master high performance trainer Brendon Burchard in a rare conversation on activating the 10 human drives that shape everything you think, feel, and do in life.

According to Brendon, our brains are hardwired to meet very specific human drives, and learning to harness and activate these drives is the secret to success and happiness.

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"You get what you look for in others. So look for greatness."

Brendon Burchard

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In the second episode of our 3-part series with master high performance trainer and New York Times bestselling author Brendon Burchard, we reveal 2 more of the 10 human drives.

10 Human Drives (Drives 4 – 5)

Drive 4: Caring

  • We are driven as a human species to care and be cared for.
  • If we’re born and not cared for, we die.
  • We leave relationships and jobs when we don’t feel cared for.
  • Caring starts with caring for yourself.
  • Most of us don’t care for ourselves. We aren’t sleeping or hydrating, and 70% of Americans are overweight.
  • If you can’t care for your own physical body, how can you possibly care for your emotional world?

Drive 5: Connection

  • We are driven to connect with others.
  • Love is not a human drive.
  • Love is a quality of both caring and connection.
  • If you don’t feel loved, there’s not enough caring and connection there. Amplified caring and connection becomes love.
  • To create greater connection in your life, practice positive projection.
  • Renowned relationship expert John Gottman has found that in the relationships more likely to fail, there is a higher degree of contempt, criticism, condescension, and stonewalling.
  • In successful relationships, the relationship of positive to negative things said between them are 5:1.
  • You get what you look for in others. So look for greatness.

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