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Amplify Your Effectiveness with Ari Meisel

Ari Meisel is a best-selling author, CEO, real estate developer, green building expert, and productivity expert—as well as being Jim’s own productivity coach! Ari is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

Several years ago Ari encountered and overcame severe personal roadblocks, and his journey to overcome them transformed his life. His discoveries about personal and professional productivity have improved the lives of thousands of individuals and businesses.

Ari is the author of the best-selling book Less Doing, and the founder of the innovative Less Doing System, which is the foundation of his company Less Doing, which offers individuals and enterprises road-tested methods to optimize, automate and outsource their operations. Through his consulting work, Ari aims to teach others how to work smarter—not harder.

This week’s podcast is all about the best productivity tools— and we welcome back special guest Ari Meisel!

Modern life is so busy that we all feel like we’re constantly hustling yet still falling behind. We all want more resources and advantage. And we especially want to know the secrets of how to use our minds better to become more productive.

A productivity expert, CEO and best-selling author who has built his career on teaching others how to work smarter—not harder—today’s guest Ari Meisel is here to tell us how we can all learn to be more effective in our daily lives and free up time for the more important things in life.

So many of us have been taught that being productive is all-important, but the truth is that we should be thinking about how we can be more effective—that is, learning how to do more with the resources we already have, rather than burning out trying to produce more. Innovation never comes from having too many resources—it comes from restricting your resources, thinking innovatively about effectiveness and asking yourself: what’s a better way to do this?

In this conversation we talk about the best productivity tools to amplify your effectiveness and save you precious time—we’ve included links in our show notes to the various tools Ari mentions. We talk about the essential steps to becoming more effective—managing your communication, project management, and processes to streamline your operations and increase your productivity.

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"I’ve taken processes that used to involve 24 steps and completely automated them."

Ari Meisel

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  • Remember the three steps: optimize, automate, outsource.
  • Technology will amplify habits—you can only better leverage your time with technology if you’ve got your habits sorted e.g. InfusionSoft is popular but so many never use it to its full potential due to poor habits.
  • Three important steps in increasing your productivity are managing your communication, project management, and processes.


  • It’s better to have more tools for communication than less.
  • Assign specific tools for specific types of communication e.g. email is an external communication tool that Ari wouldn’t use with his team.
  • Voxer for use with clients, Slack for use with the team, and Intercom is used to bridge the gap between the two.
  • Using different tools for communications helps as a reminder of what you’re supposed to be doing and what mode you’re in.
  • Context: assign specific areas for specific tasks e.g. the bedroom is for sleeping, the office is solely for working.


  • Trello and Airtable—Airtable is better for more complex record-keeping, Trello is great because the ideas are on an assembly line, and are given a sense of velocity and movement.
  • Digital vs. analog: there’s a neurological benefit to writing things physically, but also benefit to easily being able to share ideas through technology.


  • Process St—uses conditional logic, can prefill checklists, track things through well-defined processes.
  • Automation: Zapier and IFTTT—taken processes that used to require 24 steps and 3 human beings to now being automated.
  • Outsourcing technologies: Magic


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