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Your Big Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life & business strategist. For more than four and a half decades, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Tony’s business and personal development events.

Mr. Robbins is the author of six international bestsellers, including the recent New York Times #1 financial bestseller, MONEY: Master the Game and UNSHAKEABLE, Mr. Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars.

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How do you achieve your next big breakthrough so you can reach the next level?

When it comes to growth and development, one of the hardest obstacles to overcome can be the self-doubt that stands in your way. It can be hard to see the path forward or even look at how far you’ve come.

We have the incredible Tony Robbins with us today to talk about how to overcome that doubt and unlock your next big breakthrough. Tony is a world-renowned entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and life strategist. He’s responsible for helping so many people around the world break through the obstacles in their lives so they can unlock their limitless potential.

These past few years have been challenging in many ways. But there are strategies you can embrace to help. If you feel knocked down personally or professionally, or if your confidence dropped, this episode is for you.

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Tony Robbins

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Triggering Your Breakthrough

  • A breakthrough is a moment in time.
  • It’s when the impossible becomes possible and you aren’t just thinking about the problem anymore. You’re ready to act upon it.
  • You can have an idea or a concept, but that doesn’t create a breakthrough.
  • The breakthrough happens when you get to the point where you’re actually going to do something about it.
  • Everyone has been through times of struggle.
  • Maybe it’s being in a relationship that you keep meaning to change, but don’t. Or you want to stop smoking, lose 25 pounds, etc.
  • You may even start to make progress but then pull back, which leads to disappointment and frustration.
  • But at some point, you finally hit this threshold where your brain says, “no more”.
  • All of a sudden, you don’t want to wait another day, or even another hour. You are ready to change the relationship, lose the weight.
  • You’re going to make it happen.
  • That’s when you create the breakthrough, moving from inaction to action.
  • It’s the difference between what triggers the action versus what makes action possible.
  • What triggers action is usually pain or massive inspiration. Nothing in between does it.
  • When you hit that threshold of pain, you’re able to move into action because the pain isn’t a deterrent anymore.
  • The trigger allows action to happen.
  • If you look back at a time where you finally broke through something, the trigger was usually a moment of, “I can’t take it anymore”.
  • It can also be triggered by powerful inspiration, where you saw it was possible.

Creating Lasting Change

  • What makes change last is changing your emotions, belief systems, or developing a new strategy.
  • The right strategy is important, but you’re not going to find that strategy until it’s a must, not a should.
  • It’s the same to change your beliefs.
  • You have to reach the point where you’ve put up with your situation long enough and feel that you’re better, you deserve better, you can do better.
  • It’s a common tactic to make things complex.
  • But complexity is the enemy of execution.
  • The only way your life or business changes is through execution.
  • You always want to be looking at how you can make execution simple.
  • There are three things you need for a breakthrough.
  • But most of us do them in reverse order, so the breakthrough doesn’t happen.
  • It’s common to look for a strategy first.
  • But you may not be using the best strategy, which actually makes your strategy the problem.
  • Look at weight loss. Three-quarters of America is overweight or obese, yet very few people effectively work to make that change.
  • There are a lot of strategies to lose weight. But they may not be sustainable, or the best one for you.
  • It’s common to work for the how first, but your emotions get in the way and you end up going in the wrong sequence.
  • Rarely do you experience a breakthrough leading with strategy.
  • The real problem is usually the story you’ve developed about the problem.
  • A story is just code for all the things you’ve told yourself over and over until you believed them.
  • There’s an old language pattern that says, tell a lie big enough, loud enough, long enough, and sooner or later people believe it.
  • That was Hitler, and often you’re the Hitler of your own mind.
  • Going back to weight loss, maybe you believe you can’t lose weight because you’ve tried everything.
  • But you didn’t really try everything.
  • When really pushed, you’ve probably tried the same handful of strategies over and over.
  • You’re not seeing progress because of the story you’ve told yourself: that you can’t lose weight.
  • If your story is blinding you, you won’t be able to see the answer—even if it’s right in front of you.
  • In psychology it’s called a scotoma: a blind spot.
  • But there’s a level deeper than even the story. And that’s your state—the physical, mental, and emotional state you’re in.
  • When you’re in a low mental, emotional, or physical state, you can have all the brain capacity in the world, but you’re not going to use it.
  • And when you’re in a lousy state, you come up with a lousy story. Then no strategy works.
  • Have you ever noticed when you’re angry at someone, you suddenly remember all the ways they’ve ever wronged you?
  • But when you fall in love, what’s wrong with life? Absolutely nothing. Everything is wonderful when you’re in love.
  • Your state matters.

Unlocking Your Next Breakthrough

  • The sequence you do things in accelerates, decelerates, or stops progress when it comes to a breakthrough.
  • You have to change your state first.
  • One of the reasons Tony does immersion events is because when you’re surrounded by passionate people who are really going for their goals, you’re going to have a change of state.
  • And when you change your state, you change your story which then allows you to figure out your strategy.
  • The challenge—especially with COVID—is everyone’s state has dropped.
  • You’ve been isolated, you’ve been pushed at home, and you’ve had expectations that have fallen away.
  • When you’ve been disappointed too many times, you fall into learned helplessness and start thinking the problem is forever.
  • But no problem is forever.
  • To create effective change, you have to first change your state, then change your story, then find the right strategy.
  • If you want to go deeper into this, Tony is doing a free seminar online with over a million people.
  • It’s from January 25 – January 29, starting at 2pm EST/11am PST.
  • All you have to do is go to JimKwik.com/Tony to enroll.
  • There’s no cost, and you can bring your family, your friends, your office.
  • It’s going to cover your body, your emotions, your relationships, your financing,and your career or business over five days, over two hours per day.

Breakthrough In Action

  • Tony used to spend an average year traveling to 115 cities, 12-16 countries, some of them several times a year.
  • Every two or three days he was on a plane, train, or helicopter.
  • But all of a sudden, when the pandemic hit, and places began shutting down, Tony didn’t believe he’d have to change how he put on seminars.
  • But when everything shut down completely, he had to reevaluate his beliefs.
  • His biggest belief was that his events were not possible in a webinar format.
  • They were more than just information, they were an experience.
  • He gathered his team to figure out how to change the webinar experience to fit his seminar experience.
  • They brought in eight companies to complete a nine-month project in nine weeks.
  • They found a building with 40-foot high ceilings and built 20-foot high, 50-foot wide LCD screens to go 180 degrees around Tony.
  • They also built a software piece to go in people’s phones so when they shake it, it makes authentic clapping. The more you shake, the louder the clapping gets.
  • The interactivity was important.
  • Now, Tony can see ten times as many people as he did in his live seminar format.
  • He can reach an even broader audience.
  • He’s still going to do live events, but he’s going to continue doing these online events as well.
  • By changing what he believed was possible, his personal life improved in addition to his professional life.

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