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Make The Placebo Effect Work for You with Erik Vance

Erik Vance is a veteran science journalist and an editor with the New York Times Well desk. He has been fascinated by psychology and brain science ever since he was an undergraduate and spent nine months studying dolphin behavior at a theme park in Northern California. As a writer, he has taken a special interest in the concept of expectation and belief. How does the way we choose to see the world affect our minds and bodies? Things like resilience, placebo effects, false memories, and sham and scams of all flavors fascinate him no end. His 2016 book, Suggestible You, allowed him to dig into these ideas a bit, getting cursed by a witch doctor, electrocuted in a number of labs, and even poked with needles at an emergency room for traditional Chinese medicine.

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How do you make the placebo effect work for you?

We talk a lot about the power of mindset. Before you can achieve any goal, you have to believe it’s possible and change your inner self-talk to support that belief. There’s powerful science that shows that the way you choose to see the world can physically affect your mind and your body, but you can even change your business, your brand, and beyond.

I’m excited to have this conversation today with our guest Erik Vance. Erik is a science journalist and an editor with The New York Times Well desk. He’s also the author of the book, Suggestible You: The Curious Science of Your Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform, and Heal.

Research into the power of suggestibility shows that your brain relies on analyzing the past to make predictions about the future. And it takes a lot of shortcuts based on what it expects the outcome to be. Listen in, as Erik talks about how you can use the power of these expectations and beliefs to achieve extraordinary results in any area of your life.

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Erik Vance

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  • Erik’s childhood experience led him down the path of wanting to understand the connection between the mind and the body. [1:40]
  • This is how expectation impacts your brain and results in the placebo effect. [3:16]
  • When starting the research for his book, Suggestible You, Erik went through these incredible experiments. [5:39]
  • Here’s how you can apply the power of the placebo effect to your everyday life—including increasing your productivity. [7:16]
  • Focusing on expectations in this way will help you achieve the results you want. [10:52]
  • This is the role rituals, groups, and visualization play in expectation. [11:48]
  • You can create positive placebo effects in others. Here’s how. [14:15]
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  • Be sure to learn more about Erik’s research at www.erikvance.com, and buy his book, here.



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